Vette Brakes & Products C5 brake package for C4's

With an upcoming track event,
I decided to upgrade the front brakes on my 1992 Corvette with the C5 brake package from Vette Brakes & Products.
It's available for all C4's from 1984 to 1996.

The package includes:

C5 Corvette calipers
Slotted Sport rotors
Hawk HPS brake pads
Stainless braided DOT approved brake lines
Mounting brackets for the new calipers
New caliper mounting hardware

Installation was straightforward.
Remove the factory brake line, caliper, bracket, and rotor.
Replace them with the braided line, bigger sport rotor, modified bracket, and C5 caliper.
Quality of the kit was top notch, and it fit like the factory planned it this way.
When completed, it should look like this:

Bleed the system, install the wheel, bed the brake pads, and you're all set.

Word of note though:

                                Check wheel clearance ! 

My front wheels are Progressive 17", and they have about 1/16" clearance.
They may not fit some factory 17" wheels, and they WILL NOT clear 16" wheels.
So, if you've got an '84 to '88 with 16" wheels, you're going to have to get some new rolling stock.
They work incredible. For the added safety and shorter stopping distances,
I would say that they're well worth the $995 cost, especially if your front brakes are in need of an overhaul anyway.
I noticed a difference just backing out of my driveway, and less pedal pressure is required for hard stops.
Even when racing in the rain, they stopped quickly and in a straight line, and it was easy for me to avoid lockup/ABS activation.
One suggestion I would make would be to install a brake bias spring that applies more pressure to the rears.
It's available from Vette Brakes & Products for $14.95.