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24 Hours of Le Mans

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24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/19/21 08:24 PM

Schedule of the Le Mans Race Day Coverage in USA

CORVETTE RACING AT LE MANS: How to Watch and Listen
No. 63 Corvette C8.R streaming on-board,
MotorTrend U.S. coverage highlights team’s Le Mans return

LE MANS, France - Corvette Racing’s return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, this time with the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette C8.R, is a landmark moment in program history.
It also will be made available to viewers and listeners in the United States and around the world on multiple platforms.

MotorTrend Network will full coverage of Le Mans on Saturday and Sunday through its MotorTrend app for viewers inside the U.S.
Content from free practice and the Hyperpole session Thursday, plus various on-board cameras, also will stream on the MotorTrend channel.

One of those will be the No. 63 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Corvette C8.R of Antonio Garcia, Jordan Taylor and Nicky Catsburg.
For those viewers without MotorTrend, Chevrolet’s YouTube channel will stream the on-board camera for the full race.

Live coverage isn’t limited to video.
Mobil 1 Radio Le Mans will broadcast every on-track session for the 24 Hours of Le Mans with many of the voices that Corvette Racing fans will recognize from previous Le Mans events along with IMSA Radio.

MotorTrend’s Le Mans U.S. Video Coverage Schedule (all times ET)
· Free Practice 3: 4:45 a.m.
· Hyperpole: 12:45 p.m.
· Free Practice 4: 9:45 a.m.

· Warmup: 2:10 a.m.
· Pre-Race and race: 6:15 a.m. (Eurosport feed); 6:30 a.m. (World feed)

· No. 63 Corvette on-board: 7 a.m. If the car is fixed after crashing today in practice :-)
Antonio Garcia had an uncharacteristic off at the Porsche Curves, damaging the rear of the No. 63 Chevrolet Corvette C8.R.

Note :
Corvette Racing has completed 98,770.18 racing miles at Le Mans.

The team needs to complete 1,229.82 miles to reach the 100,000-mile mark, which is expected to come this weekend.
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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/20/21 12:13 AM

Nick Tandy set the third-fastest time in Hyperpole qualifying Thursday to put C8.R Corvette Racing’s No. 64 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet Corvette C8.R on the second row of the GTE Pro grid for this weekend’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Tandy, who drives with Tommy Milner and Alexander Sims, posted the best lap of 3:47.093 (134.216 mph) in the 30-minute session. The day before in the first round of qualifying, Tandy turned a 3:47.074 (134.217 mph) – the fastest lap for any Corvette Racing entry in its 21 years at Le Mans.

Thursday also featured the final two official practice sessions for the full field of 61 cars including eight in GTE Pro. The two Corvettes continued to focus on race pace, with a number of adjustments and changes to many of the C8.R’s systems including suspension and aerodynamics.

Antonio Garcia set the best combined practice time for the No. 63 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Corvette C8.R a 3:49.603 (132.725 mph) effort in the fourth and final practice session of the week. He will team with Jordan Taylor and Nicky Catsburg as the No. 63 C8.R starts eighth Saturday.

A 15-minute warmup is set for 11:30 a.m. CET/5:30 a.m. ET. The green flag for the 24 Hours of Le Mans falls at 4 p.m. CET and 10 a.m. ET. MotorTrend TV will air the race live with the MotorTrend App adding coverage of official practices and qualifying on Aug. 18 and 19. Live audio coverage will be available from Radio Le Mans starting with Sunday’s Test Day.

Chevrolet’s YouTube page will stream the on-board feed from the No. 63 Corvette C8.R for the entire race.


“At the start of the week, I absolutely would have taken a P3 start at Le Mans in the first race here for this car. We are getting experience every time we run the C8.R on this circuit in this aero kit when we don’t normally run on low fuel in qualifying trim.
So to get that peak performance out of the car is amazing. It’s such a good job of how we’ve developed, since the qualifying session in Hyperpole, the car and made it better.

Of course, we are driving for Corvette Racing and expect to follow tradition and be strong at Le Mans. That’s why come here and why we go racing. So we are pleased, but we don’t underestimate our competition. There are a lot of strong cars here with strong teams. All we can do is look after ourselves, and at the moment I’m very happy with how the week is progressing.”


“I think honestly it’s how good the car has been since we rolled it out of the container. It validates all the development that went into the program before we got here. But it’s also how the car reacts to the setup changes that we are making to it.
That means you can tune it to track conditions and however the circuit is. This is always a good thing and shows that the car is in a good working window.”


“For Nick, that was a superb run in both the qualifying session and Hyperpole. I think he got everything out of the car he could. It was certainly fun to watch. Lap times are mega-quick, and it’s cool to see for that.
Nick seemed super happy with the C8.R. Balance-wise, everything looks pretty good. For me, the best indication was the last practice session before Hyperpole. Car balance has been relatively pretty good almost the entire week of practice here.

We definitely made some changes from the Test Day, and we could see the benefits of that in the first practice.
Overall, for us in the 64 Corvette, we’re all pretty happy. We’ve spent a lot of time tweaking and trying things to improve in some areas where we still need to improve. I think we’re in a pretty good spot. We really won’t know where we’re at, probably until the first hour of the race Saturday.”


“For me personally, I’ve probably spent 20 days at the simulator, something like that.
That doesn’t touch the hours and hours spent by the engineers working on aero kits for this thing for the last four or five years. It’s gotten us to where we are now, to fine-tuning little bits and pieces here and there.
Twenty days doesn’t sound like a lot of, considering this has been a four- or five-year project. Starting third for the race Saturday is a great place. It’s a lot of validation from a lot of hard work by a lot of people for a long time that we have brought a really, excellent Corvette C8.R to Le Mans.”


“Today was eventful. I think our whole week has been eventful. It was good to get more laps on the car, obviously. As I said yesterday, it’s still our first weekend here with the C8.R, so every lap counts for each of us the drivers as well as the engineers and the crew working on slow zones, pit stops and all the little details that we don’t get to work on in America.

Today, we did a big setup swing; we have a lot more confidence now going into the race. We know what we want to do with the car, whereas yesterday we had a lot of big questions. I’m glad we got through today as well as we did. Now we can prepare for the big one.”


“Today was not bad at all. It seems we improved the balance a little.
We were trying to figure out whether we can double-stint the tires, yes or no. It feels good.
Compared to yesterday, today was definitely better.
I think we made good steps tonight, so I’m positive.”
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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/20/21 05:34 PM

The Chevy Corvette C8.R has been given a weight reduction ahead of this weekend’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, in the second Balance of Performance adjustment to have been to the GTE-Pro class in the last day.

In a decision made by the WEC Committee on Friday, the pair of factory Corvettes will now run at a minimum weight of 1269 kg, marking a 7 kg reduction [Only 15 pounds] . puke

The Pratt & Miller-run cars will also face a 1-liter reduction in fuel capacity, with the Ferrari 488 GTE Evo losing an additional 3 liters following its BoP change made on Thursday. sex

The fuel reduction for the Ferrari also impacts its GTE-Am entries.

It’s unclear the reasoning behind the last-minute BoP change, made just 24 hours from the start of the French 24 hours of Le Mans

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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/21/21 02:06 PM

Live in-car of the #3 C8.R

Here is the live audio feed :
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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/21/21 06:35 PM

Standings as of 4 1/2 hours of ongoing race

Note, 1st hour:
Tommy Milner in the No. 64 Corvette, which was hit by a Ferrari at the start of the formation lap, before climbing to second and later dropping down to fifth as the track dried. Quick pit work from the Corvette crew, though, catapulted the No. 64 back to the lead at the end of Hour 1.

Description: 4 1/2 hours
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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/21/21 09:07 PM

After 7 hours, #64 C8.R is about 3 laps behind mad

During the safety car period,
the No. 64 C8.R Corvette was forced to make a trip to the garage for a rear diffuser change,
dropping Alex Sims, Tommy Milner & Nick Tandy to 7th in class and off the lead by 3 laps

Description: 7 Hours
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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/21/21 11:17 PM

C 8.R Corvette Racing’s pair of mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette C8.Rs spent time out front in the early running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans on Saturday following a wet and chaotic start.

The No. 63 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Corvette C8.R of Antonio Garcia, Jordan Taylor and Nicky Catsburg led the Corvette charge after six hours in third place but well within striking distance of the GTE Pro leader. Catsburg was in for his first stint at the six-hour mark with three cars within 3.5 seconds from second to fourth.

Both Garcia and Taylor led in their opening runs in the Corvette, as early-race tire and fuel strategies came into play that caused the class lead to shift depending on the pit stop cycle. Garcia had moved from seventh at the start into the lead midway through his first stint.

Alexander Sims ran fifth in the No. 64 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Corvette C8.R that he shares with Tommy Milner and Nick Tandy.
Milner was the early GTE Pro leader despite being hit from behind as the cars rolled off the starting grid for the formation lap. Nevertheless, Milner charged to the head of the category as moderate to heavy rain fell across the circuit.

The No. 64 Corvette fell back in the order due to a pit lane refueling penalty and lost additional time when it was separated from the GTE lead pack by one of the three safety cars in the opening three hours.

Corvette Racing’s next update will come at the halfway mark.


“It was a challenging start with the weather. It was difficult sometimes to see, but the car felt good, and I was able to pass people.
I got around a few cars at the first corner and then into the first chicane got by one of the Porsche's.

I just carried on and by the time I got out of Indianapolis I was P2. But it was very difficult to gauge when to pit and go to slicks.
We probably should have stopped right away when the other Corvette stopped. But other than that, I think we are fine.

We were the first cars to double-stint our first set of slicks. The C8.R is running perfectly.
The Ferraris have a bunch of speed, but we will see. But probably the biggest competition we have is Le Mans.
You never know what is going to happen in this race.”


“A lot happened! For some reason, we’ve struggled to get this car moving at times. We’ve worked on improving it. I struggled a little to get it going.
For some reason, I had an impatient driver or someone who wasn’t paying attention behind me and gave me a good whack.

It doesn’t seem like it hasn’t done major damage, but there is some there.
That’s unfortunate. We’ll see what happens with that as the race progresses. After that, we had a very wet start with cars all over the place.
Those were very difficult conditions with all the spray. You just kind of have to survive that, but we did and got out in front.

There was a miscommunication on one of the pit stops, and we got a penalty. That set us back a little.
We didn’t get hurt too badly under the safety car and lose too much time to where we were before.
We still have some work to do.
Hopefully, if there is another safety car that we can close the gap enough to where we’re back with the leaders.”
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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/22/21 03:02 AM

We’ve reached the halfway point of the 2021 Le Mans 24 Hours, and the field has completed the 12th hour of the race without much fanfare
A rarity in this year’s rendition of the race.
Track and air temperatures have dropped, the safety car has stayed parked, and yellow flags have remained in the pockets of the marshals.

The story is in GTE Pro where the top five runners have successfully clicked away another hour on the clock with no drama.
The No. 51 Ferrari is currently leading the race.

Nicky Catsburg in the No. 63 Corvette is within one second of Sam Bird’s No. 52 Ferrari that’s a true battle for the second position as those two cars are on the same stint cycle.

The No. 63 Chevrolet Corvette C8.R that Taylor shares with Nicky Catsburg and Antonio Garcia was ordered to serve a 10-second drive-through for a pit lane infringement, but remains the main threat to the two factory Ferraris that have been strong so far.

WeatherTech Racing’s Porsche 911 RSR-19 dropped out of contention when Cooper MacNeil crashed into the left-side barriers at the Ford Chicane midway through hour 11.

The two factory Porsche GT Team entries have not managed to consistently trouble the leading trio, but remain on course heading into the second half of the race.

Description: 12 Hours
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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/22/21 03:19 AM

C8.R Corvette Racing remained firmly entrenched among the GTE Pro class leaders as the 24 Hours of Le Mans reached and passed the halfway point early Sunday morning.

The No. 63 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet Corvette C8.R of Antonio Garcia, Jordan Taylor and Nicky Catsburg ran third in class as the race entered the final 12 hours. Taylor completed his second double-stint of the event just prior to halfway, handing over to Catsburg, who was next in the rotation.

All three drivers in the No. 63 C8.R drove double stints to open this year’s Le Mans the first for the mid-engine Corvette.
Each driver led for a time as well as the race began to evolve into primarily a battle between Corvette and Ferrari, although five cars remained on the lead lap in GTE Pro.

Unfortunately, the No. 64 Mobil 1/SiriusXM C8.R wasn’t one of them.
The entry of Tommy Milner, Nick Tandy and Alexander Sims was three laps down and in sixth place at the 12-hour mark.

Milner was the early GTE Pro leader despite being hit from behind as the cars rolled off the starting grid for the formation lap. Nevertheless, Milner charged to the head of the category as moderate to heavy rain fell across the circuit.
The No. 64 Corvette fell back in the order due to a pit lane refueling penalty and lost additional time when it was separated from the GTE lead pack by one of the three safety cars in the opening three hours.

The biggest blow, however, came in the fifth hour when the Corvette crew had to change the damaged diffuser, which had created a severe vibration for Sims during his second stint.
That trip to the garage cost the No. 64 team two-plus laps to the leaders.

Corvette Racing’s next update will come at the 18-hour mark.


“We’re at the halfway point now and constantly in the top-three depending on the pit rotation, driver rotation and tire strategy.
There’s a long way to go, and a lot has already happened. We’re still trying to take care when we can and be careful.
Teams are starting to line up their driver rotations and tire strategies for the end. So far, so good.

Improvements to come:

“The car felt good in the day yesterday when the track temp was a little higher.
Obviously in the night the track temp dropped a bit, and I feel like we struggled a little more with pace, especially with slow zones.
Once the sun comes back up, I think we’ll be in a little better shape on pace.”


“Unfortunately, it started raining in my first double stint, right when the sun was setting.
It was very difficult to see where the grip was with a lot of cars going off left, right and center.
I think in many ways I took it a little too easy, but we’re still in the game, and we didn’t make any mistakes.
It seems the car is quite decent, and we have some pace. So hopefully we can stay in the pack with the leaders and see here we are come Sunday morning.”


“This is Le Mans, unfortunately. We’ve taken a setback and are a few laps behind now.
The race is still long. The things that have happened to us can happen to anyone, so we have to stay positive.
What happened before the start of the race is out of our control, of course, but damaged the car.

A mistake from another driver has cost us a lot of time for our entry. We’re very disappointed that this can happen at all.
The thing that makes it more disappointing is that the C8.R, even with the damage, was running so well.
Fingers crossed that we can work our way back into it, but it’s going to be a long night.”


“It was quite a long time in the car.
But the beauty, the C8.R is that is actually really comfortable and really cool to drive in terms of temperature.
It wasn’t stressful from my point of view in terms of the duration. It was good.
Obviously to have the floor finally fail I don’t know the exact analysis, but I’d have to guess it’s to do with the contact in the very start was a real shame.
Aside from that, we could be in a perfect position.

That’s the way it goes in these 24-hour races. We’ll stick it out and see what we can get out of it.
Stranger things have happened, but at the moment it’s a shame.”
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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/22/21 12:01 PM

Only 6 hours to go

The final dice have been cast in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Corvette Racing part of what is shaping up to be a two-team battle for victory in the GTE Pro category.

Jordan Taylor ran second in the No. 63 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet Corvette C8.R at the 18-hour mark and a little more than a minute behind the class-leading Ferrari. Taylor, Antonio Garcia and Nicky Catsburg were one of three cars still on the lead lap three-quarters into the race.

Catsburg set the fastest GTE Pro lap of the race at the end of a storming triple stint, with Garcia and Taylor each running strong doubles as the sun rose on Le Mans. Taylor was in the car as the clock struck 18 hours.

More bad luck beset the No. 64 Mobil 1/SiriusXM C8.R of Tommy Milner, Nick Tandy and Alexander Sims.
After being hit by another car rolling off the grid for the formation lap, the No. 64 Corvette lost time in the garage repairing its damaged diffuser plus repairs to the gearbox, clutch and alternator. It was classified as seventh in class with six hours to go.


“The pace during the night was quite OK. It seems like we are right there.
Let’s hope we stay close to the Ferrari and stay in touch. In the end, it’s going to be a hard battle, but the C8.R feels good.
When the fuel load is going down, the car gets quicker, and I was lucky to be out there at the right time of day.

The track is getting faster and faster. It was a nice stint to dawn. Last evening it started to rain, and it took a very long time to dry up completely.
There was a dry line, but as soon as you had to overtake, it was very difficult.
Now the track is getting drier, and it’s easier to attack, so you can push the limits and overtake.
The track is in very good shape right now.”

GTE Pro’s lead battle continues to provide intrigue too.
A slow zone and a quicker stop for the No. 63 Corvette Racing C8.R meant Nicky Catsburg went from 41s behind James Calado in the No. 51 Ferrari to 26s down.

Calado, pushing hard, did manage to respond at the end of the hour and added 10s to his advantage over Catsburg.
The gap between the two is 36s as it stands. Should it rain before the end, the margin could mean the difference between a win or second.

Behind, the Porsches are a lap back and still unable to challenge. No. 91 driver Fred Makoweicki admitted to WEC TV during the hour that the 911 RSR 19 “doesn’t have the top speed of the Ferraris and Corvettes”. BoP, he believes, has prevented a Porsche charge.

Description: 19 Hours
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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/22/21 02:04 PM

GTE Pro looked set to be dominated by the AF Corse Ferraris, but with great strategy and driving, the #63 C8.R Corvette managed to stay in the mix as the conditions began to play into the debuting C8.R's hands, Nicky Catsburg particularly enjoying the nighttime conditions during a fast triple stint.

A possible 1-2 win for AF Corse was thwarted by a left-rear suspension failure for the #52 car night, which caused it to tumble down the order. On Sunday morning, a delaminating puncture for Sam Bird cost the car even more ground.

That meant the race turned into a two-horse race between the #51 Ferrari 488 GTE Evo and the #63 Corvette C8.R.

In the warmer afternoon conditions, the #51 Ferrari of Alessandro Pier Guidi, James Calado and Come Ledogar gradually pulled away and took the entry's second win in three years, after winning in 2019 and finishing second last year.

It was the second GTE Pro win for Pier Guidi and Calado, who were also part of the winning crew in 2019, while Frenchman Ledogar took his first-ever Le Mans class win.

Catsburg, Antonio Garcia and Jordan Taylor took a solid second place in class, 41 seconds behind.

Porsche endured another character-building Le Mans, both the #92 and #91 factory cars losing ground early on and lacking the outright race pace to do much about it.

In the #92 Porsche 911 RSR-19, which was rebuilt on Friday after a shunt in Hyperpole, Kevin Estre, Neel Jani and Michael Christensen beat their teammates in the #91 car to a distant podium berth, one lap down on the winning Ferrari.

Initially it was the Proton-run #79 WeatherTech car which led the Weissach marque's charge in the hands of Laurens Vanthoor and Earl Bamber, but the car retired overnight after a crash by third driver Cooper MacNeil damaged the chassis.

The other privately entered Porsche, the #72 HubAuto entry which Dries Vanthoor sensationally drove to pole, also had a troubled run. At the start Maxime Martin collided with a LMP2 car, a time loss from which the car never recovered. A broken drivetrain, which made the younger Vanthoor sibling grind to a halt, sealed the car's fate.

The second #64 Corvette bore the brunt of the reliability issues in its class. First it had to replace a broken diffuser after Nick Tandy was stunningly tapped from behind by Calado as the field left the ceremonial grid, before the race had even started.

It then lost over an hour with a nighttime clutch issue, and disappeared into the garage a third time in the morning hours with an alternator problem.

Description: Finish Line
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Re: 24 Hours of Le Mans - 08/22/21 06:12 PM

The mid-engine Chevy Corvette C8.R finished on the class podium in its 24 Hours of Le Mans debut Sunday, with the trio of Antonio Garcia, Jordan Taylor and Nicky Catsburg placing second in the No. 63 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Corvette C8.R.

The debut of the mid-engine racing Corvette came a year later than originally planned due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. But the wait proved worth it with Corvette Racing showing its usual competitive spirit during its 21st race at Le Mans since 2000.

“Today’s second-place result in GTE Pro for the No. 63 Corvette C8.R and drivers Antonio Garcia, Jordan Taylor and Nicky Catsburg is a significant achievement as we debuted the mid-engine Corvette C8.R at Le Mans,” said Jim Campbell, Chevrolet U.S. Vice President, Performance and Motorsports. “To be on the podium at Le Mans with the C8.R is very gratifying. It’s a testament to the hard work and determination of our Corvette production and racing teams.

“The support of Corvette owners and fans from around the world has been incredible,” Campbell added. “This race result is dedicated to our customers and supporters.”

While the No. 63 Corvette ran in contention for the entire race, the No. 64 C8.R of Tommy Milner, Nick Tandy and Alexander Sims seemingly ran into nothing but bad luck. It began on the roll-off from the grid when Milner was hit from behind by the eventual class-winning Ferrari at the beginning of the formation lap.

The contact broke part of the diffuser, but the No. 64 Corvette ran well early and even led in a wet start with Milner going to the fore.
He and Tandy cycled through and kept the No. 64 C8.R in contention before the diffuser finally broke in the fifth hour, shortly after Sims’ first stint.

It was the first of three visits to the garage for the No. 64 team, which also had to repair part of the gearbox, clutch and the alternator. Milner, Tandy and Sims who set a GTE Pro record race lap of 3:47.501 finished sixth in class.
On the No. 63 Corvette side of the garage, all three drivers drove double stints to open the race. Each of the trio led for a time as well as the race began to evolve into primarily a battle between Corvette and Ferrari, although five cars remained on the lead lap in GTE Pro at the halfway point.

Things began to evolve into a two-car race into the final six hours between the No. 63 C8.R and No. 51 Ferrari.
The Corvette team kept it close and was able to triple-stint its Michelin tires in the late going, but couldn’t make up the necessary ground.
The No. 63 Corvette did, however, complete the entire 24 hours without a change of brakes.

Corvette Racing returns to action in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship on Sept. 10-12 at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, Calif.


“I don’t know if I prefer to be two seconds, 10 seconds, 40 seconds or three laps back. I think it hurts the same!
We’ve been in that 30-second range between the two cars pretty much for 24 hours. I must say it does hurt a little.

When you come so close, it’s difficult. But when you do your best, you run almost a perfect race and someone else does it a little better than you, you have to congratulate them. There is nothing we could do.
I think we ran a perfect race regardless of our position. We finished second, but very close for sure.

They just did it 40 seconds better than us. I’m very happy for the team, the 63 crew, Jordan and Nicky all six drivers had really, superb drives and helped develop this Corvette and for sure all the engineers.
So even if the 64 had so much trouble, getting up to this point, we have all been working together to get the most out of the C8.R. For sure, two of our cars up front would have put even more pressure on the 51.

We were both alone, so it was a one-on-one fight between Corvette and Ferrari. We were close.
When you are up on the podium, you always want a tiny bit more. I would have liked to have given Corvette the first Le Mans win in the C8.R.
Now we need to wait until next year and work harder.”


“That’s my fourth podium here. It’s hard to complain with a podium at Le Mans. But when you come this close, it’s difficult to take.
The Corvette Racing guys did an amazing job. We didn’t have any issues with our car.
We executed really well strategy-wise and in the pit lane and on the track, there were no mistakes.
For our first run at Le Mans with the C8.R, we should be pretty proud of that to come home second against some cars that have run here the past few years.
We learned a lot as a team and can come back stronger next year.”


“It’s super nice. This is my third time at Le Mans, and the first two times we finished nowhere.
To be in the fight right to the last lap was very cool. It went well. The C8.R was very good. I had some good stints and nothing awful happened.
I will go home with some positive feelings. P2 kind of feels like a loss, but on the way home I’ll be like, ‘We finished P2 at Le Mans.
That’s not bad!’ We had a cool fight with the Ferrari, and I think we did well.”


“It was a very frustrating race for us. It wasn’t taken away from us right at the start, but a pretty good indication looking at the damage from the contact before the race started with the Ferrari that it was going to be a big problem for us. It ended up being such that we had more problems after that.

Furthermore, it’s hard to say if that initial damage caused some of the other problems we had. It’s very unfortunate and unlucky, unnecessary, but in the end we turned it into a test session in a lot of ways. We tried to go as fast we could to learn as much as we could about the C8.R and find anything that in future may or may not be a problem.
Our focus turned from going for a race win to helping the 63 guys do whatever it took to get them to win.

Unfortunately, that didn’t materialize; I think the Ferrari had just a little too much pace compared to everyone else.
From our side, it’s disappointing but for the team, second place is a good result. It’s not the result we were all looking for, but we can be happy about our performance today.”


“Endurance racing is not an easy game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.
This time, on our side of the garage, we didn’t have the smoothest of runs.
But I really enjoyed the week. I’ve enjoyed being with Tommy and Alex being in the car again.

I’m proud of how we managed to get the speed out of the car.
Honestly, it’s probably the nicest racecar I’ve had to drive around this circuit to be consistently fast and confidence-inspiring
I’m really proud of everyone who worked to give us a car with that performance.
The reliability didn’t go our way this time, but we can be proud that we have one car on the podium.
It’s a great experience with the new C8.R and hopefully we will come back fighting stronger next year.”


“Everybody comes here to win, knowing that even if you have a super-fast car, there are so many opportunities for things not to go perfectly reliability, drivers making mistakes, slow zones and safety cars.
There are so many factors, and this time we had a couple of those go against us. Nevertheless, to get my first finish at Le Mans was good.

I got a lot of great experience with the C8.R .
It was brilliant to drive through the entire race. It’s a shame not using that pace to fight for the podium positions.
I’m proud of the whole team. The effort they put in was remarkable.
They got the changes made in the pits very, very quickly for such big fundamental changes that needed to be done.
Well done to the 63 car for getting the podium. On to the next one.”
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