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History Of Team Corvette Racing Evolution C5-R to C8.R

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History Of Team Corvette Racing Evolution C5-R to C8.R - 05/16/22 02:03 AM

Corvette Racing Team has been and taken part in sports car endurance racing in the last over 20 years across their four gen Corvette racecars.

It's the hallmark of North American endurance racing's longest-running history effort to this day by a contribution of Pratt & Miller Engineering pushing the development, performance, and popularity of Chevy's top-line race cars.
Competing in major race events like the ALMS (American Le Mans Series 1999-2013) IMSA and 24 Hours Of Le Mans and has been successful racing for numerous years.
Over the years, the competition has changed, the classes have changed, and the Corvette race cars have changed,
but through it all, Corvette Racing’s winning attitude has never wavered, and ultimately it has led to 120 victories worldwide, including 8 Le Mans Class Wins.

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