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Manual Transmission Description and Operation

Notice: The service procedures found in this section cover the repair of the components that are serviceable by the dealer under the ZF S6-40 6 Speed Manual Transmission Exchange Program. No repairs of components other than those outlined in these procedures are allowed.

Refer to updated service information for any revisions to the transmission exchange program. Should the transmission exchange program be discontinued refer to the transmission/Transaxle/Transfer Case Unit Repair Manual (TURM) for overhaul procedures.

The ZF S6-40 is a 6-speed 95 mm manual transmission assembly.

Identify the manual transmission assembly as follows:

Calculate the number of forward gears.
Measure the distance between the centerline of the mainshaft and the countershaft.
The ZF S6-40 6-speed manual transmission assembly has the following features:

Aluminum transmission case
Fully synchronized gears
Internal shift rail mechanism
Transmission mounted, dual pivot isolated shifter
Needle bearings under all speed gears
Solenoid inhibit of 2ND speed and 3RD speed gears
These features provide a rugged and reliable system that will handle input torques of up to 610 Nm (450 Ib ft).

The 2ND and 3RD speed gears are inhibited when shifting out of lST speed gear under the following conditions:

With the coolant temperature above 50C (122F)
When the vehicle speed is between 20 and 29 km/h (12 and 19 mph)
With the throttle opened 35% or less
This ensures good fuel economy and compliance with federal fuel economy standards.
The gear ratios in this transmission offer a wide operating range for excellent acceleration and fuel economy.

The gear ratios (:1) are as follows:

1ST speed gear - 2.68
2ND speed gear - 1.80
3RD speed gear - 1.29
4TH speed gear - 1.00
5TH speed gear - 0.75
6TH speed gear - 0.50
Reverse - 2.50

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