Over the weekend this report of a 1962 Corvette that fell off the back of an auto transporter went viral and no words to describe the sound of that car as it rolls off the ramp and hits the pavement.

Someone suggested that the lift should have had wheel chocks that pop up automatically, and you would like to think that a competent shipper would know to always check to make sure they are engaged.
However, the driver’s side rear wheel looks like it goes over a pretty decent-sized hump and the guy on the lift complains that “it went right over the f**king…” so perhaps the chocks were in place, but the car had too much momentum as it was rolling backwards.
The other crazy thing that really is how much flex there is on that lift as the full weight of the car hits it just before rolling off.

A question for the owner of the car is what is it going to take to make it right again?

Have possible damage to the frame and suspension of the car, and it wouldn’t surprise us to find that rear end fiberglass and chrome bumpers to be heavily damaged as well.

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