C4 Drivers Seat Upgrade

Itís springtime again, and itís time for all of use to be cleaning our cars for the 2002 cruse season. Now if your C4 driver seat is showing some mileage, and the passenger seat looks brand new, have I got good news for you. Both the drivers seat and the passengers seat are identical, and it is very easy to exchange the two seat cushions and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

To assist you with this task, you will need to make a hand tool to assist you, or have extremely strong fingers. I prefer making the tool myself. Anyhow, you will need to find an old screwdriver with a Ĺ ď wide flat blade. Using a hacksaw, cut a ~ a ľ inch notch in the middle of the blade. This is going to be used catch and move the seat spring from the clip.

Now, remove the back seat driverís cushion first. Grab the side of the back cushion down about 6" from the top of the seat. Lift the side of the cushion and roll it in toward the center of the car. You should be able to see a metal clip where the wire frame of the seat back clips in. Place your modified screwdriver on the metal vertical wire and push the seat back toward the center of the car to unhook. There is another wire frame/clip arrangement about toward the bottom 6" above the seat cushion. Do the same thing there. With the outboard side loose you can gently pull the cushion forward and toward the outside of the car.

The bottom driverís cushion has one wire clip in the front of the seat. It's in the center under the plastic shell. Now perform the same task for the other side. Total time to swap the back cushion seat cushion should be less than 30 minutes. Please note these instructions do not apply to Corvettes equipped with sports seats.