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Gang Banger Steals a C7 Z06 & Wrecks it
by teamzr1. 03/22/23 02:57 PM
2023 Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring
by teamzr1. 03/19/23 03:59 PM
WEC 1,000 Miles at Sebring
by teamzr1. 03/18/23 06:29 AM
Spirit Of Le Mans
by teamzr1. 03/11/23 10:43 AM
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Class action GM lawsuit as to A8 Tranny
by teamzr1. 03/21/23 04:31 PM
C8 Radio Remains On After OTA Update
by teamzr1. 03/15/23 08:52 PM
Another C8 DCT related GM Recall
by teamzr1. 03/09/23 01:57 PM
101,000 C8 Stingrays built, Only 992 Z06s Built
by teamzr1. 03/03/23 12:11 PM
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Jan 21st, 2023
03/22/23 09:57 PM Gang Banger Steals a C7 Z06 & Wrecks it by teamzr1
A 15-year-old gangbanger is in custody after wrecking a blue 2016 Corvette Z06 that authorities say he stole from a Meridianville, Alabama dealership after 3 a.m.

The owner of the car lot Patriot Automotive, 11999 Highway 231 431 North, watched via security cam as the teen broke a window and entered the business. He quickly alerted the Madison County Sheriff’s Office that the Z06 had been stolen, and deputies spotted the alleged thief about 3:30 a.m. but were unable to get him to stop.

“Vehicle pursuits are the last thing we want any of our personnel involved in,” Brent Patterson of the sheriff’s office told WAFF-TV News.
The chase finally came to an end about 4 a.m., when the teen crashed the car on the I-565 off-ramp near Bob Wallace Avenue in Huntsville.

“In this day and time, what criminals don’t understand is that the new generation of technology is cameras,” Patterson said.
“And we’re catching a lot of individuals because of cooperation, not only with the public but with the media as well.”

Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash, but the teen faces multiple charges, including attempting to elude, burglary, and theft of property.

Patterson told WAFF he hopes the young man is able to turn his life around. “We hope when he gets to the D-home (Juvenile Detention), they can work out his issues and they can recover from this down the road,” he said.

The owner of Patriot Automotive, meanwhile, expressed thanks for the hard work of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Huntsville Police Department for acting so quickly and apprehending the suspect, WAFF reported.

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03/21/23 11:31 PM Class action GM lawsuit as to A8 Tranny by teamzr1
Just when things seemed to be on the up and up for the Corvette, an older issue is coming back to strike. Allegedly, GM models from 2015 to 2019 ( like C7) have transmission problems that make the trucks dangerous to drive and never received an effective solution.

We’ve been following and reporting on the C7 Corvette for having transmission problems for months, but the issue is larger than expected. It includes multiple General Motors vehicles equipped with possibly faulty eight-speed automatic transmissions.

Specifically, the units involve the General Motors 8L90 and 8L45 eight-speed automatic transmissions built between 2015 and March 1, 2019. Both units have a lot in common, but the 8L45 is a lighter unit used in fewer options.

The more robust 8L90 is more popular, and both are designed for front, rear, and AWD applications.
The lawsuit alleges erratic transmission behavior makes vehicles unsafe to drive.

A judge granted class-action status to the lawsuit, representing 39 plaintiffs across 26 states.
Drivers of the Chevy Silverado and other GM vehicles report transmission hesitation, shaking, shuddering, clunking, and hard shifts upon changing gears.
Vehicle models in the lawsuit include:

• 2015 – 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500
• 2017 – 2019 Chevy Colorado
• 2015 – 2019 Chevy Corvette
• 2016 – 2019 Chevy Camero
• 2015 – 2019 Cadillac Escalade and Cadillac ESV
• 2016 – 2019 Cadillac ATS, ATS-V, CTS, CT6, and CTS-V
• 2015 – 2019 GMC Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL, and Yukon Denali XL
• 2017 – 2019 GMC Canyon

• Reportedly, General Motors didn’t do enough to solve the transmission problems found in Chevy Silverado models and other vehicles.
Claims report that General Motors has released 13 different technical service bulletins related to the issue shifting issue alone since 2015.
• So, technicians had 13 different things to try. Some of the bulletins recommended changing the transmission fluid, replacing the torque converter, providing a software update, removing the transmission pan, replacing the transmission cooler bypass valve (TBV), and more.

• But older technical service bulletins from 2017 and earlier report that the cause of the transmission problems is unknown and that General Motors was working on finding the cause and providing a solution.
• Cohen Milstein partner, Ted Leopold, is the court-appointed lead counsel on the case and shared that General Motors knowingly sold over 800,000 vehicles equipped with faulty eight-speed automatic transmission units despite being aware of the defects.
• The business decision to not tell customers before their purchase was made. Allegedly, dealers were instructed to tell customers that the hard shifts were normal and characteristic. Ted shared that this decision-making is highly irresponsible and emblematic of that General Motors believes it can get away with.

• Did the A8 transmission problems ever get corrected?

• The GM vehicles didn’t exactly receive a fix for the transmission problems. But it gets a new eight-speed automatic transmission when it was redesigned for 2019. In 2023, GM started replacing the transmission control module and reprogramming the software.

• There hasn’t been any clear indication if this fixed the problem. Also, if you had a 2015 model with issues, then waiting until 2023 for a potential fix is a long time.
• There was a recall related to a driveshaft issue in 2020 that could send vibrations through the transmission as well.

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03/21/23 01:34 AM Who says you need a C8 to haul ass ! by teamzr1
Even a C8 Z06 would not want to meet this C6 at the staging line at drag strip

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03/16/23 03:52 AM C8 Radio Remains On After OTA Update by teamzr1
After an Over-the-Air (OTA) software update on some 2021-2022 Corvette and 2022 Envision models, the radio may not turn off after the vehicle’s ignition has been turned off and the driver’s door has been opened, leaving Retained Accessory Power still active.
If the vehicle is left in this state for an extended amount of time, the battery may become discharged.

These conditions may be caused by a failed OTA update for the Serial Data Gateway Module (SDGM)

To address this concern, check to see if the vehicle has recently received an OTA update.
On the infotainment screen, select Settings > System > Updates.
If the OTA update failed, it may not show under the update's history on the infotainment screen

Also check the condition of the battery following the procedures in the appropriate Service Information. After recovering the battery following the Battery Inspection/Test procedure, perform the Battery Electrical Drain/Parasitic Load Test procedure to confirm there is not a parasitic drain present on the vehicle.

Once the condition of the battery and electrical system components have been confirmed, check the SDGM for the latest software using SPS2.
Program the SDGM if an update is needed.

Refer to #PIC6480A for more information.

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03/11/23 05:43 PM Spirit Of Le Mans by teamzr1
The words “Greenwood Corvette” carry a certain reverence for fans of America’s favorite sports car and sports car racing in general.

John Greenwood’s Corvette love affair blossomed with the introduction of the C3 generation in 1968. Within a couple of years, Greenwood was winning SCCA championships in Corvettes he prepared in conjunction with his brother, Burt, out of a Michigan engine rebuild shop called Auto Research Engineering. With co-driver Dick Smothers, Greenwood claimed his first IMSA victory by winning the GTO class in the 1972 Twelve Hours of Sebring.

As the ‘70s progressed, the Greenwood brothers’ operation grew into a secret “skunkworks” for General Motors racing activities similar to how Jim Hall and Chapparal operated in the previous decade. The big-block Corvettes that Greenwood fielded in IMSA with a patriotic stars-and-stripes livery got increasingly more outrageous, soon adding “widebody” flared fenders to accommodate massive rear tires.

Greenwood also stepped up to provide the financial support that kept the Twelve Hours of Sebring running from 1975 to ’77 in the wake of the energy crisis, a period when Sebring promoter Alec Ulmann was under pressure to move the event to an alternate venue.

The 1976 Greenwood “Spirit of Le Mans” Corvette is currently owned by Florida collector Steve Goldin. Last weekend, it received the International Motor Sports Association Award at the 2023 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance as the most significant historic IMSA car entered. Two other Corvettes that participated at Le Mans a 1960 C1 and a 2001 C5, the first year of modern era Corvette Racing participation – also claimed class awards at Amelia Island.

Zora Arkus-Duntov, the GM engineer long known as “Father of the Corvette” – who was this week inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America – took a special interest in Greenwood’s racing exploits. GM designer Randy Wittine penned the aerodynamic body modifications and created Greenwood’s memorable liveries, while renowned engineer Bob Riley (famous at the time for the Coyote Indy cars he drew for A.J. Foyt and later for the dominant Riley & Scott Mk III IMSA prototype) handled the chassis dynamics.

The Greenwood team won twice in 1974, at Talladega with driver Milt Minter and with Greenwood himself in the season finale at Daytona. Greenwood repeated his ‘74 Daytona triumph to conclude the ’75 season. The 1975 Daytona winner, known as the “Spirit of Sebring” Greenwood Corvette, was later briefly owned by actor/racer Paul Newman.

“The IMSA rules didn’t say anything about the fender flares, so we shaped them to add downforce and left the back ends open,” recalled Greenwood, who passed away in 2015. “After our wins in 1974, the Porsches and BMWs adopted our flared and open wheel well style, but we still kept winning.

“We took class again in 1975, but I never got those cars sorted out as much as I would have liked. They were truly awesome cars for full-frame cars, though probably the very last of the (competitive) full-frame cars. We sold quite a few of these cars to customers.”

Arguably the most famous Greenwood Corvette was the one commissioned by Rick Mancuso prior to the 1976 season, intended for competition in IMSA and at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. “The Spirit of Le Mans” car was one of two built that maintained a lightened stock Corvette frame, adapted for full coil-over suspension front and rear by Riley.

At Le Mans, Greenwood qualified the No. 76 Corvette ninth overall, but the car ran just 29 laps in the race before being eliminated by a fuel leak.
Mark Raffauf, IMSA’s senior director of competition, was present at Le Mans in 1976. He has vivid memories of the impact the Greenwood Corvette (and Michael Keyser’s Chevrolet Monza) made on the French crowd.

“IMSA and the ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest, the organizer and promoter of Le Mans) maintained an IMSA-specific class at the 24 Hours for over a decade,” Raffauf said.
The Greenwood Corvette had a 494-cubic-inch V-8, 700 horsepower, and a top speed of 222 miles per hour down the Mulsanne Straight. It was the fastest car there that year and for a number of years following, over all others including Group 6 prototypes.

“Though it did not finish, the car had a massive presence in real life, and it left a lasting mark there up to even today, 47 years later,” he added. “An IMSA-created All-American GT car all the way!”

IMSA President John Doonan paid tribute to the Spirit of Le Mans Greenwood Corvette in 2021 when it was briefly loaned to the Motorsports Hall of Fame at Daytona International Speedway for display.

“It’s a real beast,” Doonan said. “What Bill France Sr. and John Bishop did with IMSA, in terms of its original mission, was to provide a platform for people like John Greenwood and others, who had a dream to go racing, that allowed them to do that at a cost-effective level.”

03/09/23 08:57 PM Another C8 DCT related GM Recall by teamzr1
GM has issued a voluntary recall for certain 2020 - 2022 Corvette Stingrays over their transmission control module (TCM).

The faulty TCM units may be clearing diagnostic trouble codes incorrectly when the car is turned off.

The problem:

Affected TCM’s may incorrectly clear the loss of communications Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) when the vehicle is keyed off after detecting a loss of communications with other control modules.

The hazards:

If the loss of communications fault persists, the TCM may not detect it again even after the vehicle is keyed back on. If this happens, the transmission could operate in a default mode with no DTC set and the malfunction indicator lamp not illuminated.

The fix: certified GM technicians will be instructed to inspect affected vehicles and reprogram the TCMS with updated software as needed. It should take techs less than one hour to complete the recall.

Affected components: Transmission Control Module (TCM).

Affected vehicles:

• 2020-22 C8 Corvette Stingrays

Number of affected vehicles: As of the time of this writing, GM did not clarify the number of Corvette units affected by this recall.

Owners should:

GM will notify owners of affected vehicles and instruct them to make an appointment with their dealer. Any owners that are unsure whether their vehicle is affected by this recall can visit and type in their VIN to see any open recalls or other actions that may be active on it.

Owners can also reach out to Chevy or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) directly with any questions or concerns they may have using the recall number and contact information included below.


• GM recall number: N212336962
• Chevy Customer Service: 1-800-222-1020
• NHTSA (toll-free number): 1-888-327-4236

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03/09/23 04:24 PM WEC 1,000 Miles at Sebring by teamzr1
GTE Am campaign for No. 33 C8.R starts at lone FIA WEC American stop
DETROIT (March 9, 2023) – For the second straight year, Corvette Racing begins its globe-trotting venture in the FIA World Endurance Championship at an all-too-familiar place, albeit in an unfamiliar category.

The 1,000 Miles of Sebring on Friday, March 17 kicks off the seven-round WEC season, which sees Ben Keating, Nicky Catsburg and Nico Varrone team in the No. 33 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet Corvette C8.R. It’s the first race together for the trio and the first for Corvette Racing in the GTE Am category, which will feature 14 entries in the event.

The entire class and the 37-car field will take part in this weekend’s two-day Prologue test session ahead of the first official practice session on March 15.
The Corvette program is easily the most experienced team in the WEC paddock at the 3.74-mile, 17-turn Sebring International Raceway circuit.
It has 25 years of racing experience at the historic track, which sits on the site of an Army airbase from World War II.

In addition to two previous starts in GTE Pro at the Sebring WEC round including a runner-up finish last year for Tommy Milner and Nick Tandy Corvette Racing has 13 victories at the track with 12 coming in the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring.

On the driver front, both Catsburg and Keating have previous starts in the Sebring WEC round. Catsburg finished second in GTE Pro in 2019 while Keating placed third a year ago in GTE Am on his way to the class championship. Meanwhile, Varrone will make his first full-season start as a WEC competitor in the 1,000 Miles.

In addition to Sebring, the Corvette lineup will content the full GTE Am championship including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where the No. 33 C8.R will be among 21 entries in class for the French endurance classic.

The 1,000 Miles of Sebring for the FIA World Endurance Championship is scheduled for noon ET on Friday, March 17.

MotorTrend and MotorTrend Plus will provide both level television and streaming coverage.
Radio Le Mans will stream audio coverage of all practice sessions, qualifying and the race.


I’m massively looking forward to Sebring. It’s the start of a new program for us in GTE Am together with Ben and Nico. I feel like we have a very strong lineup and I cannot wait to get started. We can build on strong results from last year after winning there in IMSA and the guys in the WEC finished P2, so the car obviously has good potential around Sebring.

“The plan is to stay out of trouble and focus on the championship right from the start. I’m looking forward to getting back together with the team and looking forward to going over to the IMSA paddock and see everyone on that side again. It’ll be a big weekend, and I’m ready to get started.”


I’ve said over and over again how excited I am as an American to drive for an American team in an American brand, and I’m excited to be racing in a brand that I sell. Not only are we going to be racing this American brand with an American team all around the world, but the first race in the USA, which is special.
There is one race in the United States for the World Endurance Championship, and clearly we want to show well on our home soil.
As a team, Corvette Racing has thousands of laps around there during the last 25 years, so I expect the team, the car, the drivers and everyone is going to be well tuned up and ready to go for this race.

My first laps in the Corvette were at the WEC Rookie Test in Bahrain, and it was different enough there that I left thinking that I had a lot to learn about this car. Then we did the test at Sebring and it was a totally different experience. That left me thinking,
‘Wow, this is a really special car.’ Not only is it special from my standpoint of racing it, but the performance level around Sebring is awesome.

Sebring is unlike anywhere else in the world, very flat, very bumpy and very different from a typical FIA circuit that we go to in WEC. This is not that; this is an old, historic circuit, and the Corvette performed amazingly well at the test. It set my expectations really high for the race.
It handles the bumps extremely well, and it’s very comfortable to drive. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as an easy car to drive around Sebring because it’s such a physical track.
It will beat you up a little bit. But “the Corvette is such a delight to drive, and it’s easy on the driver.

This is also the first race for me to do with Nico and Nicky. I’m super excited about my teammates. We’ve all gotten along exceedingly well. There are no egos. No one is out there trying to prove what they’re capable of doing as an individual. It’s a great feeling of being great teammates not just for this race but the whole World Endurance Championship. I couldn’t imagine having a better group of teammates going into the season, and I’m super excited to go racing with these guys.”


I’m really excited to start this new program with Corvette Racing. It’s my first time racing for a factory team, so it’s a dream for me, and to do it with this great brand makes it even better!
Teaming up with Nicky Catsburg and Ben Keating is a great chance for the whole team to achieve some good things in the GTE Am class.
Speaking personally, I can learn a lot from them and keep growing as a driver. I simply can’t wait!

“Sebring is really special. I did some laps in the C8.R with Corvette Racing in December and I really enjoyed the track.
I cannot think of a better place for my debut with this team than to do it at this legendary track where Corvette has achieved so much success.”

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03/08/23 05:04 PM EU C8 Z06 Buyers to get Screwed Over by teamzr1
You need to revolt ! mad
When are you going to tell the Eu, to get screwed ?

The C8 Z06 that’s being sold in North America produces 670 horsepower & 460 lb-ft of torque, or some 34 more horsepower and 21 more lb-ft of torque than the cars that will be sold in the European Union and United Kingdom.

The change in the Z06’s power output is attributed to the differing exhaust systems that are demanded to meet the differing emission regulations in the two regions.

The North American version, of course, features center-exit outlets, while the EU version has corner-exit outlets similar to the Stingray’s to allow room for the use of a gasoline particulate filter or GPF.
These filters are able to capture more than 90 percent of the increased particulate matter created by the direct fuel injection of the Z06’s powerful flat-plane crank internal-combustion V8 engine, as required by EU rules.

The C8 Z06 will cost at least $211,500 in Europe, more than double the price of the 2LT Stingray Coupe that goes for $105,360.

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03/07/23 09:40 PM 2023 Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring by teamzr1
Media Q&A ahead of Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring for defending GTD PRO co-winner

Corvette Racing’s Antonio Garcia was part of a media Zoom today to talk about next week’s Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring and the second round of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. He will team with Jordan Taylor and Tommy Milner in the No. 3 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet Corvette C8.R. The trio finished second in the GTD PRO class to open the season at the Rolex 24 At Daytona.


“Coming from a good race at Daytona, we should be up there. Corvette Racing always has had quite a bit of success in this race. We weren’t there (at Sebring) for the last (IMSA) test, but we were there in December. Although it was with the new GT3 car, we still got some good information.

It’s a new year, and we had a lot of data to analyze from last year’s race. It was kind of a surprise for us to be that good, especially in the day. So I’m looking forward
to getting back there. I’ve always loved this race. The Corvette fans will be out there, too. It’s always a great event for us as Corvette drivers and another one for me.”


“It was 2006 or 2007 I definitely was younger! I think it was the bumps, mainly the trickier parts of the racetracks. Everyone tries to explain to you where to go and what to hit or not to hit, but it’s almost impossible to figure out what to expect until you do a few laps. It’s a tricky track to learn.
After a few laps, it doesn’t feel like you can go around fast, but then you get in a groove and everything comes easier.
Now that I’ve done it for so many years, it feels like I know every single bump around the track. It’s much easier now.”


“I think you do. It’s the whole environment there. You start early in the morning almost with the sunrise for warm up.
Most of the race is super-hot in the middle of the day, and then you go straight into the night with a classic March sunset where you don’t see a thing going into Turn 17 and Turn Seven.
Every single aspect of that race is unique. Even if at times it feels like it is undriveable, it’s one of my favorites, if not my favorite race of the year.”


“At sunset and going into Turn 17 and Turn Seven, you’re hoping (the sun) gets in the clouds. With a full bright sky, you know it’s going to be really, really tough. At times, I got into the car with three hours to go, so that means you get the sunset, and then you go full into the dark. You need to pick the right visor and everything needs to be perfect. I’ve been in every single condition around there, but for sure in the sunset if it’s full bright it’s tricky.

That’s a time when you don’t want to be fighting too much with somebody or if traffic gets very, very tricky in those conditions because someone may not see you. It’s only 20–25 minutes, but it’s very, very tricky.”

“But I love the whole racetrack at night. When it’s full dark, and you know it’s coming to the end of the race, the grip is usually back in the car. That’s the most joyful time of the race. No matter how tired you are, if you are in contention for the win, then that’s when the whole magic of Sebring comes.
That’s what we all remember those last stints at Sebring and when you are in contention or winning the race.”


“I think probably Sebring is a bit tougher to get everything in the right spot. Everything is different. You finish in the dark, which is tough for everybody. Traffic is unfortunate at that point. For me, it seems like I’ve had more success at Sebring, but I think I would consider Sebring a little bit tougher than Daytona. If you have the pace at Daytona, it’s easier to pace yourself to be in contention at the end of the race.

At Sebring, it’s not only pace. The weather changes more. You’re finishing in the dark, and you only run that for two hours. It’s a bit trickier, I think.”

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03/03/23 07:11 PM 101,000 C8 Stingrays built, Only 992 Z06s Built by teamzr1
The 2023 Corvette Stingray just became the most produced model of the C8 era with Wednesday’s production, which now totals 26,359 regular Stingrays.
Add in the 2,798 70th Anniversary cars, total 2023 Stingray production grows to 29,157!

Here are all the Stingray production numbers for the last four years as a comparison, and the total of 101,572

2023 Corvette Stingray: 26,359
2023 Corvette 70th SR: 2,798

2022 Corvette Stingray: 25,831
2021 Corvette Stingray: 26,216
2020 Corvette Stingray: 20,368

Total C8 Stingray Production: 101,572 Through March 1st

As for the 2023 Corvette Z06. February was a horrible month for Z06 production, with just 74 new vehicles built.

Even after the plant reopened from its one-week layoff on Feb 27th, no new Z06s were produced until mid-week which saw five completed on Wednesday, and Thursday the plant did 17 regular Z06s plus one 70th Anniversary model.

The total counts here for the 2023 Corvette Z06 are 869 regular models and 123 Anniversary editions, for a total of only 992.

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02/28/23 12:51 AM Needing some Used C8 Parts ? :-) by teamzr1
I doubt the driver was going 30 MPH eek

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02/24/23 08:43 PM More New C8 Corvettes Stolen by teamzr1
Security video shows thieves stealing several cars off Lexington dealership lot

Camaros, C8 Corvettes, and more were stolen right off the lot. But the crooks didn't hit the dealership just once.

LEXINGTON, N.C. — A car dealership in Lexington is picking up the pieces after they were broken into on Sunday. The thieves took off with seven cars in total.
Security footage caught it all at Capital Chevrolet Buick GMC of Lexington.
The suspects rode off in C8 Corvettes, Camaros, and a BMW, stealing more than $300,000 worth of new cars, and they didn't just hit the dealership once;
they came back in the same night and stole more cars.

Now, the dealership employees just want the suspects caught.

"This is crazy. I didn't think it was real life at first," said General Manager Chris Clark. "We got a call that said we have been broken in to didn’t know what to expect
The thieves broke into the dealership, then the lockbox for the keys, and took off in seven brand-new cars.
An employee noticed the damage barely missing the suspects by an hour.

"My girlfriend was actually the one that noticed. She said, 'The door is broken,' and when I took a look, I knew right then, the glass was gone. The whole glass is broken. I knew the cars are gone," said car dealer Dakota Willingham.
Security footage showed what happened.

"They come through the door, disconnected the internet for everything, disconnected all the ports, and then went in and broke into the key machine, which is a lock box, and stole multiple keys. That happened around 2:23 a.m.
They chose to come back around 5:58 a.m. and get some more keys, come back into the building, and do it again," Clark said.

Clark said not only did the thieves get away with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cars, but they also left a lot of damage.
He said the group used a large crowbar to get into the building and into the key machine. Then each person took a car.

"This is 6 a.m. - you can see, he's here. Here's over here in this one. You have two over here who haven't left yet," Clark points out in the security video.
The dealership employees said it's frustrating, especially because it's the end of the month, and they were hoping to drive more sales.
"We are very frustrated, we're trying to sell cars and make a living, and having to deal with this is not exciting," Clark said.

The dealership shared the security video with other dealerships to help spread the word.
They haven’t gotten zero updates from police.

02/23/23 10:53 PM C1 July 1953 by teamzr1
Historic two-page Chevy document from July 10th, 1953, that alerted dealers to the highly controlled rollout of the new sports car.
The document first shares the pricing of the car with dealers. The MSRP was listed at $3,250 plus a $248 factory delivery and handling fee. A dealer’s net cost for the new Corvette was $2,470 meaning that dealers could have realized a profit of $780 on the sale of each car.
Next, it says that only 300 will be built for 1953, and because of the limited quantity, no orders will be accepted.

Chevy planners intended to build 50 cars per month and 300 total during the 1953 model year in Flint, Michigan, before the assembly operations would move to St. Louis in 1954. Once production for the 1954s started, they were anticipating a build rate of 1,000 cars per month.

Potential customer's excitement for the 1953 waned when only influencers and TV stars like John Wayne would get a car in its inaugural year, and Chevrolet would only build 3,640 during the 1954 model year.
Things would get worse before they got better, as the 1955 model year only had 700 cars built, but they did eventually get better.

02/14/23 09:33 PM Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair (REPAIR) Act by teamzr1
Four United States House of Representative members have re-introduced the Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair (REPAIR) Act to Congress to ensure the “preservation of consumer choice, a fair marketplace and safe operation of vehicles.”

The REPAIR Act will preserve consumer access to quality and affordable vehicle repair, ensure access to repair tools and information, ensure cybersecurity, create a stakeholder advisory committee and more.
“The REPAIR Act would give owners, including the rural communities in my district, secure access to critical data so the service center of their choosing can replace parts and repair their vehicles,” says Rep. Dunn.

“The REPAIR Act is a bipartisan solution to improve vehicle data access laws to give working families more choices for repair when their car breaks down,” says Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez.
In 2020 MTD reported on the passing of Ballot Question 1 (also known as Right to Repair) in Massachusetts, which Tire Industry Association (TIA) officials called “a victory for the entire automotive industry.”

And in July 2021, MTD reported that President Biden signed an executive order calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to institute rules to curb anti-competitive vehicle repair restrictions.

The REPAIR Act is the only bill that addresses vehicle maintenance and repair restrictions, including heavy-duty vehicles.
“American vehicle owners have a right to control their data and a right to access third-party repair shops, tools and parts,” says Rep. Davidson.

TIA officials have commented on the bill and said they are “actively recruiting” members in the House of Representatives to join as a co-sponsor to the legislation.
“Passing the REPAIR Act will be a focus and top priority for TIA in the 118th Congress,” TIA officials continued.
Automotive aftermarket companies can urge legislators in their district to also co-sponsor the bill by visiting

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02/13/23 11:21 PM OBD-I DTCs by teamzr1
DTC - 12 No distributor reference pulse (diagnostic test active)

DTC - 13 Oxygen sensor circuit open or no activity

DTC - 13 Left bank O2 sensor circuit open or no activity

DTC - 14 Engine coolant temp sensor error (high temp indicated)

DTC - 15 Engine coolant temp sensor error (low temp indicated)

DTC - 16 System voltage too low

DTC - 17 Camshaft position sensor error

DTC - 21 Throttle Position sensor error (signal high)

DTC - 22 Throttle position sensor error (signal low)

DTC - 23 Intake air temp sensor error (low temp indicated)

DTC - 24 Vehicle speed sensor error (open circuit or no activity)

DTC - 25 Intake air temp sensor error (high temp indicated)

DTC - 26 Quad Driver Module (QDM A) error

DTC - 28 Auto transmission range pressure switch error

DTC - 31 Wastegate solenoid circuit error

DTC - 31 Gear Position Switch (PRNDL) error

DTC - 32 EGR system failure

DTC - 33 MAP sensor circuit error (signal high indicating low vacuum)

DTC - 34 MAP sensor circuit error (signal low indicating high vacuum)

DTC - 35 IAC problem or idle error

DTC - 36 MAF sensor error

DTC - 36 24x Crankshaft position sensor circuit error

DTC - 36 4T60-E Shifting Error

DTC - 37 TCC brake switch circuit error

DTC - 38 TCC brake switch circuit error

DTC - 39 Clutch switch circuit error

DTC - 39 TCC error

DTC - 41 Ignition control error

DTC - 41 MEM-CAL error

DTC - 41 C³I Cam Sensor Signal error

DTC - 42 Ignition bypass circuit error

DTC - 43 Knock sensor error

DTC - 44 Oxygen sensor error (lean condition indicated)

DTC - 44 Left bank O2 sensor error (lean condition indicated)

DTC - 45 Oxygen sensor error (rich condition indicated)

DTC - 45 Left bank O2 sensor error (rich condition indicated)

DTC - 46 Pass-Key II (VATS) system error - circuit out of freq range

DTC - 47 UART (serial data) circuit error

DTC - 51 PROM error

DTC - 51 Incorrect MEM-CAL

DTC - 52 Fuel cal-pak incorrect or missing

DTC - 53 System voltage too high

DTC - 53 Digital EGR Valve solenoid 1 error

DTC - 54 Fuel pump circuit low voltage

DTC - 54 Digital EGR Valve solenoid 2 error

DTC - 55 ECM error

DTC - 55 Digital EGR Valve solenoid 3 error

DTC - 56 Quad Driver Module (QDM B) error

DTC - 57 Boost Control error

DTC - 58 Trans fluid temp sensor circuit error (low voltage)

DTC - 58 VATS system error

DTC - 59 Trans fluid temp sensor circuit error (high voltage)

DTC - 61 A/C system performance

DTC - 63 Right bank O2 sensor circuit error

DTC - 63 MAP sensor circuit signal voltage high (low vacuum indicated)

DTC - 64 Right bank O2 sensor lean exhaust indicated

DTC - 64 MAP sensor circuit signal voltage low (high vacuum indicated)

DTC - 65 Right bank O2 sensor rich exhaust indicated

DTC - 66 A/C pressure sensor circuit error (low pressure indicated)

DTC - 67 A/C pressure sensor circuit error

DTC - 68 A/C clutch relay circuit error (shorted to ground)

DTC - 69 A/C clutch relay circuit error (open circuit indicated)

DTC - 69 A/C high pressure switch error

DTC - 70 A/C pressure sensor circuit error (high pressure indicated)

DTC - 71 A/C evaporator temp sensor circuit error (low temp indicated)

DTC - 72 VSS signal circuit error

DTC - 73 A/C evaporator temp sensor circuit error (high temp indicated)

DTC - 75 Digital EGR solenoid #1 circuit error

DTC - 76 Digital EGR solenoid #2 circuit error

DTC - 77 Digital EGR solenoid #3 circuit error

DTC - 79 Transmission fluid overtemp

DTC - 80 Transmission component slipping

DTC - 82 3x Crankshaft position sensor circuit error

DTC - 85 PROM error

DTC - 86 A/D error

DTC - 87 EEPROM error (flash memory error)

DTC - 90 TCC error

DTC - 93 Transmission pressure control solenoid circuit error

DTC - 96 Transmission system voltage low

DTC - 98 Invalid PCM program

DTC - 99 Invalid PCM program

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02/12/23 02:56 AM You Cannot get Your C8 Z06 but Canada Cops Can by teamzr1
Americans cannot buy a C8 Z06 But . . .

OPP stands for Ontario Provincial Police in Canada.
They are the equivalent to a state trooper here in the USA

They must make a ton of money handing out costly traffic tickets sex

02/05/23 09:22 PM Reason for LT6 Engine Failures ? by teamzr1
Reason for LT6 engine failures ?

"During the development of the LT6, the engine team found hot spots in the main bearings that it attributed to cavitation near redline when the oil thinned out at high temperatures.
To combat that, the Z06 has a number of heat exchangers up front that keep oil temps below 200 degrees."

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02/05/23 08:25 PM Another C8 Z06 LT6 Blows UP at 620 Miles by teamzr1
Here’s the owner telling us in his own words about the failure at only 621 miles :

In this video, the owner claims of what was going on with the car when the failure happened, and the incident is backed with video from just happens to have a GoPro already mounted which captures the moment the engine crapped out. There’s also a photo they took of the dash as the engine failed and the oil temp was only 154 degrees.

I did a slight pull from first, second, third.
The street kind of veers to the left, then I get back into the throttle for a bit, and we decelerate to a stop sign, and as we were decelerating, we heard a clunk, clunk, clunk, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
Since we were so close to Jay’s house, I pulled a U-turn and the car locked up. So, we got a scan tool, and [it showed] misfires on one, two, seven, and eight.

At this point, the owner details his break-in procedure for the car, claiming it was essentially babied during that first 500 miles, and he was always diligent about warming up the engine before driving and keeping the revs under 5,000 RPM.

According to the owner, General Motors and City Chevrolet provided outstanding service to address the blown motor:
We all heard about the customer in California, and they talked about two months or so to get his car fixed, get a new motor.

That customer from my understanding kept the car. GM, I’m super blown away. I thought it was going to take two or three months.

I have a full track schedule ahead of us and within a week of the car being dropped off at City Chevy in Charlotte (shout out to those guys Ricky and Jeremy, those guys did an awesome job keeping me in the loop) so literally, two weeks to the day, a new motor is in the car, and we’re starting to put breaking miles on the car again.

Anyone believes, babied, race camera already mounted, his full race scheduled, and he is a good boy :-)

02/05/23 01:50 AM Lightning Laps at VIR by teamzr1
Virginia International Raceway demanding 4.1-mile Grand Course loop

Lightning Lap Times

The cars tested had to be exactly as the nameplates sold them, no mods

There are 2 track configurations and the 2019 ZR1 was faster than the C8 Z06/Z07 which meant even with the lighter Carbon Fiber wheels and also better CUP2R tires
the ZR1 did not have with track, with more straight track
Whereas the C8 Z06/Z06 was faster with the track configuration with more turns( LOOP) which I assume due to its wheels/tires advantage

02/04/23 03:19 AM Torque is King by teamzr1
Let's go back to 1955 and see what Chevy torque was like

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02/02/23 11:48 PM C8 Has Many Controllers by teamzr1
Crazy amount of electronics, the C8 Corvette has

Here are some of them :

1) Battery Control Module
2) Brake Control Module
3) Front Leveling and Hydraulic Control Module
4) Headlamp Control Module (Both Left and Right)
5) Power Steering Control Module
6) Radio Control Module
7) Body Control Module (BCM)
8) CAN Serial Gateway Control Module
9) Restraint Control Module
10) Control Modules within steering wheel
11) Steering Control Module
12) Column Lock Control Module
13) Telematic Communications Control Module
14) Video Processing Module
15) Performance Data Recorder Module (PDR)
16) Audio Amplifier
17) Lighting Control Module
18) Wireless Charging Control Module
19) Instrument Panel Control Module (I.P. Cluster)
20) HVAC Control Module
21) Engine Control Module
22) Chassis/Suspension Control Module
23) Fuel Pump Power Control Module
24) Fuel Pump/Tank Control Module
25) Transmission Control Module
26) Misc. Control Modules

Where they are located :

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02/01/23 11:47 PM GM is buying trucks to deliver vehicles to dealers more quickly by teamzr1
GM is buying trucks to deliver vehicles to dealers more quickly

Ahead of a meeting for Chevrolet and Buick/GMC dealers, Chevrolet’s global vice president Scott Bell and Keith McCluskey a Chevrolet dealer who is chairman of Chevrolet’s National Dealer Council spoke about the challenges facing the brand, and one of the main issues on the table is logistics.

“Our focus is on production and capacity and some of the shipping challenges we’ve had,” says Bell.
“So we need to work hard to straighten those up and get them more of what we have, and especially with these new products coming, that’s what they’re looking for.”

One way to improve getting completed vehicles to dealers and their customers is to control more of the shipping process.
McCluskey says that’s why GM is purchasing 400 heavy-duty trucks to deliver vehicles to dealers.

“GM stepped up and bought those assets.
And GM people on GM-owned vehicles are delivering our product to us,” said McCluskey
“It’s just part of GM being aggressive and figuring out:

We’re not going to sit back and just be a victim of the transportation industry.
We’re going to take charge of it.”

McCluskey says that GM executives told dealers on Saturday that the company expects to be nearly back to 100% of production capability this year.
This assessment by GM comes after nearly two years of being hamstrung by supply chain issues and the microchip shortage.
McCluskey says such a return “would be music to our ears.”

During the dealership meeting, GM said that nearly 500,000 vehicles had been built with missing parts and many were parked during that time awaiting those chip or other components to become available. Now that figure is only “about 1,000 vehicles” as of the end of January.

GM having 400 of its own trucks ready to move completed vehicles to dealers should help GM increase the available inventory back toward the 60 days’ supply that was considered optimal by the US automotive industry in its pre-pandemic days.

An example from back in May 2022 when 11,000 Chevy Silverado HD trucks that were finished and ready to ship had to be parked instead as there was no available transport at GM’s Oshaway plant.

“Bottom line is, the bad weather, the storm is behind us,” McCluskey said. “It’s a very bright future.”

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02/01/23 03:04 PM Chevy Sets Selling Price for GT3.Rs by teamzr1
Chevrolet Motorsports officials confirmed GT3.R priced from $735,000 USD, making it the most expensive Corvette ever to be sold by Chevrolet.

Chevy is currently working through a “team selection process” but was not ready to announce who any of those teams may be.
That said, early demand and interest for the Corvette Z06 GT3.R has been “triple or quadruple” what they were expecting.
Chevy has not taken any deposits yet, but will be prioritizing actual racers and race teams ahead of collectors and enthusiasts otherwise.
At the moment, Chevrolet has announced 20 units of the Corvette Z06 GT3.R, the homologation minimum for GT3.

Chevy plans to have four Corvette Z06 GT3.R entries with a mix of GTD PRO and privateer GTD teams next year starting with the 2024 Rolex 24.
In addition, two Corvette Z06 GT3.R cars will be bound for FIA WEC in hopes of a double entry in the yet-to-be-named GT category, which includes the unrivaled 24 Hours of Le Mans. In addition,

Chevrolet Motorsports will also be evaluating opportunities to be represented in SRO Motorsports, including SRO America and the Intercontinental GT Challenge. Specific team announcements including drivers are expected at a later date.

Per Chevrolet, Corvette Racing will field the FIA GT3-spec Corvette Z06 GT3.R in 2024 in both IMSA and the World Endurance Championship (WEC).
Built by Pratt & Miller from the aluminum chassis of a production Corvette Z06 plucked right from Bowling Green Assembly, the 2024 Corvette Z06 GT3.R will retire the C8.R after just three seasons of racing.

Moreover, the Corvette Z06 GT3.R will be offered to privateer customer teams, with full factory support, including the option to have a truck full of parts, engineering assistance from the factory team, as well as racing strategy.

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01/27/23 08:41 PM 2024 Corvette Z06 GT3.R Revealed by teamzr1
This is a banner year for Corvette Racing, as it celebrates its 25th year of participation in American sports car competition.

Now the legendary American team is sharing the secret to its success (122 race wins spanning the globe, including 113 in IMSA) with the rest of the world.
Chevrolet unveiled the 2024 Corvette Z06 GT3.R race car Friday at Daytona International Speedway, a year prior to its official competition debut.
A collaboration between GM’s Competition Motorsport Engineering and longtime partner Pratt Miller Engineering, the Z06 GT3.R is a customer version of the car exclusively campaigned by Corvette Racing in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and FIA World Endurance Championship for the last three years, achieving 15 victories and the 2020 and ’21 IMSA GT Le Mans (GTLM) class championships.

The Corvette Z06 GT3.R is Chevrolet’s first racing car that fully meets regulations for the international technical regulations for GT3 cars. It will be eligible for multiple championships in North America and around the world, backed by a newly established customer support program.

“This has been an intense but very rewarding process,” said Laura Wontrop Klauser, GM sports car program manager. “From the time we announced a Corvette GT3 car, I’ve received more inquiries than I can count. It’s a testament to a known product like Corvette, the minds behind design, development and build, and the quarter-century success of Corvette Racing.”

Like every Corvette, the Z06 GT3.R starts life in Bowling Green, Kentucky, utilizing the same aluminum chassis frame as the production Z06. The GT3.R’s 5.5-liter, DOHC flat-plane crankshaft mid-engine V-8, in development since 2019, is also derived from the road-going Z06.

The Z06 GT3.R features a refined aerodynamic package, including a new rear wing and additional suspension adjustability options to suit a wider range of tires.
Track testing began in September 2022, with Corvette Racing drivers Jordan Taylor, Antonio Garcia and Tommy Milner participating in development of the Z06 GT3.R. Milner, a Corvette Racing team member since 2011, shifts to an endurance driver role this year in the WeatherTech Championship and will lead the final development of the customer racing car.

“For me, it’s a bit of a different challenge in some ways, but I’m excited to help build this GT3 car and be part of the process here at Corvette Racing,” said Milner, a two-time class winner for Corvette Racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 2016 Rolex 24 At Daytona and WeatherTech Championship GTLM champion. “Having done this with the C7 and C8.R generations, it’s another new car and each one is a bit different. It’s been a lot of fun.

“It’s interesting to think that in years past, not many people have had the opportunity to drive these Corvette race cars, and now there will be that opportunity,” Milner added. “In a lot of ways, it’s exciting, because all the times we’ve had third drivers come in, everybody is pretty much unanimous in their excitement to drive our car and has good things to say about the race car. So, it will be fun to introduce some new guys, whether they’re amateurs or professionals, to this car, and kind of help get them up to speed a little bit.”

Milner’s task is to make the Z06 GT3.R as user-friendly as possible for a potential wide range of experience in future drivers.
“So far, the development process has not been really any different from previous generation race cars,” he said. “But there have been more discussions during the process about making the car more suitable for everybody and not just for Corvette Racing. In terms of ergonomics, parts of the car are designed for different size people than us and things like that.

“As we go further into the process this year with some of the finer details, some of the driver aids like ABS and traction control, we’ll be taking more time than normal to really make sure that is usable in all ranges of conditions. It’s not so much what I would like, or Antonio or Jordan would like, but looking at a broad range of skill levels.”

Corvette Racing is IMSA’s most successful team since its 1999 debut, winning 14 manufacturer and driver championships and 15 team crowns.
Chevrolet expects to see as many as four Corvette Z06 GT3.Rs on the 2024 WeatherTech Championship grid, split between the GT Daytona Pro (GTD PRO) and GT Daytona (GTD) classes, with teams to be named later. The marque is also planning for a two-car presence in the FIA World Endurance Championship.

01/19/23 02:24 PM Fuel Injector Causing Several DTCs to Set by teamzr1
Some 2020-2023 Corvette, Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Sierra, Yukon and Escalade models equipped with the 5.3L V8 engine (RPO L84) or 6.2L V8 engine (RPO L87, LT2)
may have an illuminated Check Engine MIL along with a number of fuel injector performance DTCs set, including:
P30D4, P2B95, P02EE, P02EF, P02F0, P02F1, P02F2, P02F3, P02F4, P02F5, P2B08, P2B09, P2B0A, P2B0B, P2B0C, P2B0D, P2B0E or P2B0F.

These conditions may be caused by a faulty fuel injector.
Follow the diagnostic chart for the applicable DTC in the appropriate Service Information to address the issue.
If it’s determined that a faulty injector is causing the issue, replace the injector for the appropriate cylinder and reevaluate vehicle operation.

When installing new injectors, be sure that they are clean and free of debris prior to installation. Do not lubricate the injector seals.
Always use the new fuel injector collars supplied with the new injector.

Do not replace the Engine Control Module (ECM) if these DTCs are set. GM Engineering is reviewing this condition and additional information will be released when available.
For additional information, refer to #PIP5891.

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