weather was grouchy but it didn't dampen spirits. the rain came in the early afternoon and did chase one 02 Z06 away which was a shame. the owner showed up anyway to see what dyno testing is all about.

The ZR1s made a great showing!!!

Ron Kreigh DRM 90 ZR1 (For sale)

RWHP @ 6500 372.6
tq @ 5199 363.5

air fuel maybe a bit rich but very steady between 11.9 and 12.1 from 3500 on up. as I understand 12.5 - 12.8 would be a bit better with good gas and may make a few more ponies. close enough and a "safe tune"

based on a 17% correction factor, the car put out 436 hp at the flywheel which is only 14 HP short of Mr. Rippies 450 claim (not too bad). I suspect
headers would make up the rest. someone is going to get a very strong ZR1 if they buy this car.

Now here is the amazing part

of the 3 other stock ZR1s tested, (90 & 91s) all were above 335 HP.

even a 125K mile ZR1 pulled 337. each of these cars exhibited a bit of "carbon cleansing" and pulled stronger on the 2nd or 3rd pull.

the c5s did well too with between 300 and 320 rwhp.

every one of the vette showed a good state of tune and were beautiful!!!
one ZR1 did not dyno but showed off a beutiful set of MSW wheels, low 17K mile car that was immaculate.

Overall 10 cars did the pull and that number proved a good amount to allow the dyno operator to not rush and spend time with each of us to explain how the car did and what the numbers mean.
one (ahem) f*rd guy showed up with a sleeper green LX coup with a vortec and stole my KOTH numbers with 411 rwhp.

FYI, there is another dyno day at Dynotech in Midland VA


still slots left!! I will be bringing my 95 ZR1 (stock) or the turbo slut depending on weather.

a good time was had by all!!! we watched videos of the Callaway Sledgehammer, and other hot cars which waiting for hookups.
Wheat of Springfield Motorsports fame was very helpful polite and truely enjoyable to work with.

let's do this again. I will scan and send in the dyno slips along with the diacom traces.

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