This is an example on how 5 to 10% difference in Long Term Fuel Trims (LTFT) can effect overall tuning performance.

In these tests, a MAF Translator (MAFT)was used to adjust AFR no more then 10% window of LTFT from zero.

There is 7 testcases, each consisted of 40 miles distance using the same road segment.

RPMs were not allowed to peak over 4,000 RPMs, being it was a public road, thus delivered torque and brake HP results are to the 4K RPM cap.

To make the graph easier to read, multiply Delivered Torque and Brake Horse Power by 10.

Those having a MAFT, the test names are what base and WOT switches were set to.

[Linked Image]

Carefully examine each testpoint, and you can see that C1 had the best postive to WOT performance, while greatly reducing engine knock while raising TQ and BHP.

This shows that to gain performance, several tuning adjustments using a MAFT and making test runs while recording the PCM to analyze to help achieve the best results.

Team ZR-1
True Custom Performance Tuning