Being the Rebel sits so low to the ground, about any curb, speedbump or even rock on the road causes the front to kiss the ground.

While strolling through a hardware store ( my home away from home smile
I spotted these casters, 2 for 5 bucks.
Hmm I say now what can I do with those ..

Then it hits me to install them under the chin of the car so that before the supports and front fascia gets wacked even more,
let the car be on training wheels and take up some of the stress.
To get out of my own driveway I have to drop some hand made ramps over the dang curb so something had to be done.

[Linked Image]

As you can see lots of kissing ground has been going on.
I simply drilled out the caster frame and married the rubber wheels to theframe supports.

I installed them so hard rubber wheels are just below frame support and made sure they will roll as car moves forward till front clears the ground.
Heck where can you get anything today worth while for 5 bucks ?
so let em take the beating .

Team ZR-1
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