As some know Ca as the norm became a testbed for the new smog gas without any real notice to us tazpayers.

Max octane is 91, but with the junk in this smog gas I think it is really lower then that.

Hugh amounts of pinging occurs, depending on the amount of horsepower and engine compression is.

I did 2 testcase using just this new gas and monitored high volume of pings where the engine had none before that gas was put in the gastank.

Here is 2 more tests, one showing how bad this gas is and then the difference when octane booster is used and tuning the PCM via a MAF translator to correct the ping/knock issues.

Test 4 shows hugh improvement, far less pings and one more tuning with MAFT should clear the rest of the pings out of the engine.

Team ZR-1
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