Over the years we have seen some lousy tunes by this cyberspace vendor along with dyno numbers that do not add up but worse is the constant game of renaming aircleaners with some fancy name but in the end the PCM OBD-II factual data shows the product as "Do not Use"

In this case its another named aircleaner setup for C6 Z06

The weather at our testing was 65 degrees.
We used a thernal infared gun and measured 80 degrees ( with hood open) at very bottom of the aircleaner is and this vendors so called AIRCHARGER.

Just measuring then at this vendors super duper high performance air Bridge ( looks like cheap plastic) was 104 degrees and then again is with the hood open and LS7 at idle.

Simple logic tells us heat RAISES and no matter what high dollars a vendor charges for junk like this that engine bay will heat soak and cause hugh changes to fuel trims and timing.

Then when you are looking for good launch performance the fuel trims and timing have been forced to non performance levels and if at the drag strip the air temps would not have cooled down in 12 seconds or less.

Worse is with hood shut at idle the intake air temps read 140 degrees and it took almost 5 minutes of driving before the air temps came down to the outside, thus the aircharger, airbridge are junk if as below you compare it to a Z06 with stock GM aircleaner/airbridge

Notice with the hallech at top graph the high intake air temp, how long it took to cool down and then compare to lower graph of stock C6 Z06

Notice the final product.
Customer cames to be for a custom performance tune, we went for a test drive and we could hear this thumping sound.

In checking out engine pay it was clear this halltech product has ZERO support for the weight of aircleaner and airbridge thus the whole thing from throttlebody would bounce around.
Temp fix was me to install the tiewraps you see at top of this plastic airbridge

Why someone would spend $70,000 plus for a C6 Z06 and have the aircleaner setup look like this we cannot understand

Products like this look great on a dyno with the hood open but in real world you want air going into the intake being the same temp as the outside weather is.

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