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Subject: DEX-COOL Coolant - New Leak Detection Dye J 46366 Replaces J 29545-6 #05-06-02-002B - (01/18/2008)

Models: 1996-2008 GM Passenger Cars

This bulletin is being revised to include additional model years. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 05-06-02-002A (Section 06 - Engine/Propulsion System).

Leak detection dye, P/N 12378563 (J 29545-6) (in Canada, P/N 88900915), may cause DEX-COOLŪ coolant to appear green in a black vessel, making it appear to be conventional (green) coolant.
This may cause a technician to add conventional coolant to a low DEX-COOLŪ system, thus contaminating it. The green DEX-COOLŪ appearance is caused by the color of the leak detection dye, which alters the color of the DEX-COOLŪ coolant.

A new leak detection dye, P/N 89022219 (J 46366) (in Canada, P/N 89022220), has been released that does not alter the appearance of the DEX-COOLŪ coolant. When adding the new leak detection dye, the color of the DEX-COOLŪ coolant will not change.

For detecting leaks on any system that uses DEX-COOLŪ, leak detection dye, P/N 89022219 (in Canada, P/N 89022220), should be used. The new leak detection dye can be used with both conventional and DEX-COOLŪ coolant.

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