LS6 Intake Manifold
This is the Gen III fuel injected nylon manifold used on the
20012004 LS6 Corvette engine.
The manifold is supplied with the intake manifold seal P/N 12560251, gasket P/N 12533587, throttle body seal P/N 12552542, MAP sensor
P/N 16212460, and MAP sensor seal P/N 16194007.

LS2 4-bbl Intake Manifold
This intake allows you to install a four-barrel carburetor
on a LS Series engine with cathedral ports (LS1, LS6, LS2).
This cast aluminum open-plenum intake manifold accepts
a 4150-style square-bore carburetor. There are also bosses
for EFI injectors for custom applications. Bolts and
instructions supplied.
An ignition driver is required.

88958679 NEW
LS Front Distributor Drive Cover
The GM 88958679 front cover assembly is manufactured
for applications where a 4-bbl carburetor and distributor are
required. It can be combined with GMs new Bowtie valve
covers p/n 25534398 & 25534399 for a complete traditional
looking engine package.
Distributor and mechanical fuel pump not included.

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