Non-GM Parts and Accessories (Aftermarket)
Models: 2008 and Prior Passenger Cars and Trucks

Recent reviews at the Warranty Parts Center indicate the effects of Non-GM Parts usage, charged to GM Warranty. Please refer to Information Bulletin 04-06-04-054A (Service Information Document 1886836).
This Dealer Messenger message is to highlight one matter included in this vital bulletin: unauthorized modification of GM products.

As noted in the bulletin: " Certain non-approved parts or assemblies, installed by the dealer or its agent not authorized by GM, may result in a change to the vehicle's design characteristics and may affect the vehicle's ability to conform to federal law.

Dealers must fully understand that non-GM approved parts may not have been validated, tested or certified for use. This puts the dealer at risk for potential liability in the event of a part or vehicle failure. If a GM part failure occurs as the result of the installation or use of a non-GM approved part, the warranty will not be honored."

Most recently, this involved suspension modification, however, the bulletin applies to the entire vehicle and all systems within.
To prevent unwarranted claims and other unwanted effects described in Information Bulletin 04-06-04-054A, please review the bulletin with Service Department staff and technicians, as well as the Sales and Parts Departments.

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