2009 Corvette Interior Color Options

The interior color options are largely unchanged, except for 2 new additions in the 4LT package.
Here are the options for Corvette Coupes & Convertibles:

023: Red Leather
026: Red Two-Tone Leather (Red/Ebony)
193: Ebony Leather
195: Ebony Custom Leather (4LT Package, New!)
245: Sienna Custom Leather (4LT Package)
313: Cashmere Leather
316: Cashmere Two-Tone Leather (Cashmere/Ebony)
425: Linen Custom Leather (4LT Package)
785: Dark Titanium Custom Leather (4LT Package, New!)
843: Titanium Gray
846: Titanium Two-Tone Leather (Titanium/Ebony)

For the 2009 Corvette Z06 and ZR1 the following interior options are available:

023: Ebony with Red Accents
193: Ebony
843: Ebony with Titanium Accents

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