One of the out of state shops that work on Corvettes had us tune a 2007 C6 with A6 that has headers, high flow CATs and that Vararam.

Notice on the testrun on left how much engine knock there was.
We informed the shop about this.
We then sent them a custom tune shown on the right and shop did a testrun

We discussed this with the shop and had them ask car owner what gas he was using.

Answer MID GRADE gas and worse was put in the tank last fall.

You cannot run engines like a LS2 or in fact any vette today with a low level gas and not expect to have knock issues

We are seeing more and more odd engine performance and it seems people are using a cheap grade of gas with high performance engines when it is not possible to do so and not suffer due to loss of timing due to knock

The answer is if people want to save on gas prices then they need to get our smart water/methanol injection system

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