Refer to the thread on brake fluid in slave for the clutch as to our finding as what fails with the master

This thread is on our findings as to how the master fails.
Thanks to teammate Brett for sending us one of his failed clutch master of his C6. His own C6 has failed twice now with the same master failure.

We find and shown in the images below :

1. C6 master is smaller and different design then for the C5.

2. There is a design flaw where a plastic end cap that holds a rubber seal that is at the end of the shaft that is part of the cylinder and then the other end of the rod is attached to the clutch pedal arm.

3. The end cap pops off allowing the end seal and a metal end cap to then come off preventing rod and cylinder from functioning.

4. It is possible as seen with Brett to carefully install the end parts back on but not assured it can be done in every failed state but worth it rather then spending another $100 for a new master.

This then proves that cluch pedal failures are not from brake fluid but design problems with both master and slave.

Master images

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