Team, received this from a friend at GM Tech center. He has several 63-67 vettes. Two that I know of he raced/vintage raced thru the 90’s

While the pricing is ridiculous, the styling looks good. If you have a C6 donor car and $130K you to can have a C2 inspired Corvette.
GM should look at this styling and copy for the C7.

JR, they are building one with you in mind… “There will be various stages of Sport and Competition versions up to and including a GT2 class type for full on-track racing applications”

For immediate release:

Blue Fusion introduces the Rossi 66 to international automotive enthusiasts. It is inspired by the styling cues from the most extraordinary designs spawned in the performance age of motoring – the ’63 – ’67 C2 Corvette.

It is not meant to be a reproduction replica. Nor is it a “kit” car. It is the “next” generational vehicle that the passionate auto aficionado has yearned for. It is the contemporary classic with all the right styling cues that makes the pulse race. It’s the car that the aficionado has to have.

This is a new body designed and engineered specifically to enhance the state-of-the-art C6/Z06/ZR1 platform currently in production. The Rossi 66 is entirely designed and digitally engineered by a team of highly experienced automotive designers, digital sculptors and engineers with an impressive portfolio of success stories.

Each Rossi 66 will be built to order from a new or customer supplied C6, Z06 or ZR1. The donor chassis will be transformed in our own facilities. The initial offering is a three-door coupe with a fully functioning convertible under development for a design release in the near future.

There will be various stages of Sport and Competition versions up to and including a GT2 class type for full on-track racing applications.

The substantial capabilities of the C6 chassis and the vast respective tuning suppliers will allow infinite possibilities for a broad range of customer tastes.
Competent C6 Tuners have expressed interest in enhancing the basic car. Rossi will offer our own custom designed one-piece or two-piece, light-weight forged wheels as well as big-brake kits, Rossi custom exhaust system as well as Rossi appointed interior trims and seating along with many other custom accessories designed specifically for this brand.

The development company, Blue Fusion, has been a Tier One Engineering Services supplier to Ford Motor Company for nearly 10 years with WBENC, ISO9001 and FordQ1 (higher than ISO rating) certificates and has to its many credits the development of the much coveted 2005 Shelby GT500 Mustang.

Blue Fusion assures that production tolerances will be to the highest in the automotive industry. This includes Class-A Surfacing and a fit-and-finish that rivals the best of modern production releases.

Our target debut is to introduce a fully equipped, running production-quality vehicle for display at prominent upcoming auto show events. The CAD design is completed and tooling is to begin in September.

Orders are being taken. Basic vehicle: $130,000. E94,500.


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