Brake Pedal Position Sensor Calibration
Calibration Criteria
Important: Do not apply the brake pedal during the brake pedal position sensor calibration procedure. Any movement of the brake pedal during this procedure will cause the calibration procedure to fail. If this occurs, the brake pedal position sensor (BPPS) calibration must be repeated.

Brake pedal position sensor calibration must be performed after the brake pedal position sensor or body control module (BCM) have been serviced. The calibration procedure will set brake pedal position sensor home value. This value is used by the BCM to determine the action of the driver applying the brake system and to provide this information to the vehicle subsystems via the class 2 communication bus.

Calibration Procedure
Apply the parking brake.
Place the transmission in the PARK position for automatic transmission or NEUTRAL for manual transmission.
Install a scan tool.
Clear all BCM DTCs before proceeding.
Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF.
Navigate to the Vehicle Control Systems menu.
Select Computer/Integrating Systems menu item.
Select Module Setup menu item.
Select BCM menu item.
Select the BPP Sensor Calibration procedure and follow the directions displayed on the screen.

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