GM Part # 12576063

LS2 Cylinder Head Assembly
• Lower cost alternative to the LS6 head
• Fits any 1997–2008 LS family engine*
• 2.00" Solid stem intake, and 1.55" solid stem
exhaust valves
• .570" max valve lift
• 210cc “cathedral port” intake ports
• 70cc D-shaped exhaust ports
• 65cc combustion chambers
• Bare head P/N 12564825 available separately
• Upgrade the valves to LS6 hollow stem valves with P/N 17801930

Stock GM head bolts are Torque to Yield and cannot be reused.

There are a couple part numbers for GM head bolts.

One series is for before 2004 LS blocks & another series to used post 2004 LS blocks.
Choice of LS head used, does not influence the choice of bolts.

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