Being our OBD scanner has a custom instruments feature you might as well make full use of it.

It can be used in all operating modes like scan, record, playback.
First start what mode you want and then click on Instruments at top of main screen ( as shown below) and you will see several gauges pre made.

You can design your own and save to reuse in the future

In this example I made one for those doing running in our Big Balls Gang that during your run want to see what the MPH, RPM, torque and engine load is.

You can take panels others have made and copy them into the proper scanner folder as shown below and in this case once done and you go to select a instrument panel you now see one called BBG.

For teammates I have via email server sent the BBG one for you to copy and make use of when doing BBG runs or any time your looking to view these performance values.

You can either edit/modify this panel or make your own.

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Team ZR-1
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