This information applies to the following vehicles when equipped with manual transmission: 2004-2006 Cadillac CTS-V, Corvette

The customer may comment that the cruise control inoperative and/or MIL on, and a DTC P0833 is stored. The condition may not be able to be duplicated by the dealer yet the customer may have a repeat concern.

Check the clutch pedal top of travel (CCP) switch for adjustment on vehicles where the switch is adjustable. Also check for possible intermittent connections in the clutch switch circuit.

In some applications, during circuit testing of the clutch switch (CCP), the Tech 2 may read APPLIED/RELEASE if toggled several times, then stops toggling and remains in either the APPLIED or RELEASED state. If the switch is checked with a DVOM, the switch will toggle from open to closed.

TIP: Using a DVOM to check clutch and cruise switches is recommended instead of monitoring Tech 2 data.

If no circuit concerns are found, this code can be induced by certain driving habits.
This code can set (and the cruise control will be disabled) if the driver rests their foot on the clutch continuously. If the pedal is not permitted to reach the top switch, it will keep the ECM from seeing transitions while the vehicle is driven above and then below the vehicle speeds listed for setting the DTC. This can cause a false P0833 to set.

EXAMPLE: Driving in slow moving stop-and-go traffic, such as a construction zone or heavy traffic.

Make the customer aware of this scenario and advise them to refrain from resting their foot on the clutch pedal in these situations, to avoid disabling the cruise control and/or setting DTC P0833.

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