Dennis bought a 2007 Ron Fellow Z06 that owner had totaled out within a few thousand miles on the car.

Dennis had to have the whole car rebuilt when he bought it.

First base tune I did, this testrun is about sealevel and around 90 degree weather

You see the fuel injectors are maxing out around 86% duty cycle.
Water temps peaking 220 deg and Intake Air Temp (IAT) over 180 degrees.
This with E10 gas induces engine knock during WOT with just 18 degrees of timing

With base tune in torque has increased to 517 ft/lbs and HP to 622, these are flywheel values from stock of 460 ft/lbs at 505 HP
Dennis has installed a Blackwing aircleaner and our designed Icebox CAI
He has to install our designed water/methanol smart system and then I dial tune in to see if that is enough to rid the knock and allow more WOT timing

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