Local owner with a 2014 C7 with M7 installed a supercharger and then we tuned it up
Stock is 460/460 HP/Tq

Keep in mind the elevation is around 4,000 Feet
Weather was only 68 degrees
C7 will be driven mainly at this elevation and use NON Ethanol Gas

Owner wanted me to slant tune more for long term safety of the LT1 engine
and NOT for max funny number peak values

BUT : also C7 will be driven at times at sealevel with E10 gas

I biased the tune where it is about 6-8% richer when local but that will
lean out at lower elevation or use of E10 gas.

As seen in results flywheel corrected for elevation and weather
Torque now around 625 ft/lbs with HP up to around 725 HP

This was with 12 pounds of boost produced

A base tune was done so C7 could be driven with OBD-II scanner in record mode which I analyzed to then do 2 tweaks of tune was testruns for each

Road selected on purpose so that full WOT under boost going from 3,800
to 4,000 feet elevation which would assure AFR was correct as monitoring
for engine knock which was light even during PCM relearn

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