Preliminary Procedures
Remove the rear compartment floor panel carpet. Refer to Rear Compartment Floor Panel Carpet Replacement .
The vehicle communication interface module (VCIM) has a specific set of unique numbers that tie the module to each vehicle. These numbers, the 10-digit station identification (STID) and the 11-digit electronic serial number (ESN), are used by the National Cellular Network and OnStar® to identify the specific vehicle. Because these numbers are tied to the vehicle identification number of the vehicle, you must never exchange these parts with those of another vehicle.

Communication Interface Module Bolt (Qty:3)

Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Cautions and Notices.

When replacing the VCIM, record the 11-digit ESN and 10-digit STID number from the label on the new VCIM.

2 N·m (18 lb in)

Communication Interface Module Assembly

After replacing the VCIM, you must reconfigure the OnStar® system. Failure to reconfigure the system will result in an additional customer visit for repair. In addition, pressing and holding the white dot button on the key pad will NOT reset this version of the OnStar® system. This action will cause a DTC to set.

Reconfigure the OnStar® system. Refer to Control Module References for programming and setup information.

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