Rob Helton said he owns the C5 blue Corvette at the center of a shooting investigation in Los Lunas.

State police arrested 24-year-old Dakota Cook and 28-year-old Sheliky Sanchez after they tried to run over officers in that blue Corvette, police said.

Helton said he had just left the Smith's in Edgewood Friday afternoon when he was carjacked at gunpoint.

"This kid throws a weapon in my face and says, 'Get out of the car!'" he said.

Helton said he got out and, to his surprise, the "kid" wasn't alone.

"I see two other thugs and they have weapons too," he said.

He said he thought they'd leave when he handed them the keys, but instead one of them pulled the trigger.

"I heard the gun go off and it misfired. Yes that's a scary feeling," he said.

Helton immediately called police after the men finally took off. The next time he'd see his Corvette was on the news just hours later.

Cellphone videos show officers shooting at the car after the driver drove at them on Main Street in Los Lunas. Serg Abeyta saw everything and said he couldn't believe it.

"(Cook) was relentless," he said. "He did everything he could to try and get out of that jam."

Officers followed the car to I-25 where Cook and Sanchez bailed out and started running. Investigators say an officer shot Cook after they say he fired at them first. He's expected to survive.

Three Los Lunas police officers are now on paid leave. The department said it will not release their names until they've been interviewed.

Together, Sanchez and Cook face a long list of charges, including the assault of and fleeing from police officers.

Helton has not gotten his Corvette back yet.

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LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) New Mexico State Police shut down I-25 northbound on Friday near Los Lunas to investigate an officer-involved shooting.

All lanes were closed on I-25 northbound at mile marker 203 near Los Lunas. Police diverted drivers to Exit 203 onto NM 6 or NM 314.
The interstate has since reopened.

The incident occurred in Valencia County involving officers from the Los Lunas Police Department.
KRQE News 13 spoke to witnesses who say what happened by a Home Depot at 5:30 p.m. Friday looked like a scene out of a movie.

I mean, everybody was in danger this person was driving crazy, to me it looked like he didnt care who he was going to hurt, said Jennifer Looper, a witness.

That woman is talking about the driver of a blue corvette. Cell phone video sent from a viewer shows the wild scene right near a busy intersection off Main in Los Lunas.

Witnesses say the driver of that blue corvette ignored police trying to stop him.

Even though officers surrounded the car, witnesses say the driver did all he could, hopping the median and even running into a white hummer at one point to get away.

One woman says it looked like the corvette was going to run over officers who were standing out of their vehicles. Thats when people heard gunshots.

He just went over the median and they shot, I believe it was three times, and he got away, said Looper.

I was heading onto the main road to get the interstate and I hear what I think are gun shots so Im like ok I better get out of here, said another witness, Diego Boyso.

Witnesses say after those shots, the driver made it onto I-25 northbound.

But KRQE News 13 video shows the corvette didnt make it too far down the interstate and its now stopped on I-25 surrounded by police.

New Mexico State Police is leading the investigation.
They have not said whether anyone was injured or killed, police have not said yet why they were trying to stop the driver in the first place.

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