Dennis decided to take his 2015 4 door Chevy SS and add some mods as he used to own a Corvette
and even though the SS has a LS3 due to it weighing over 4,000 pounds the car felt too slow

Dennis installed :

1. 8 pound boost supercharger
2. large fuel injectors
3. water/methanol injection kit
4. Our Team ZR-1 Corvette Racers custom tune via remotely
5. Lowered Car

After solving a few install issues in cold 45 degree weather had the street results as now having at flywheel over 640 ft/lb torque and around 700 HP

He will have to deal with tires as now ll season tires are going up in smoke in cold weather
tripping off traction control if left on, but turning it off for now prevents that

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