And it will not be in the USA and of all times during Veterans Day weekend puke
If wanting to see one, not until the LA Ca show later in month

Few specs :

- Starting price expected to be around $120k ( about $40,000 more then a Base supercharged C7 Z06)
- 7 speed manual and 8 speed automatic
- 1/2" wider than Z06 front wheels
- Mag Ride standard
- Carbon Ceramic Brakes
- 750hp/680 lb-ft LT5 (6.2L, pushrod V8, Eaton supercharger)
- Supercharger produces 52% more air per RPM than the Z06 blower, also 2.9" taller.
- Because of the hood height, car can not be sold in Europe
- Claims the ZR1 can shoot flames out from its exhaust ( big deal) sleep
- sub 3 second 0-60, sub 11 second 1/4 mile, 210+ mph top speed
- 4 additional heat exchangers (comparing to Z06) in the nose
- Curb weight 3664 lbs, 140 lbs over Z06
- Several aero packages available, RPO "ZTK" as shown in magazine.
Wing has 10 degrees of adjustability, contributing to 500 lbs of downforce at speed.
- Wing is attached behind the hatch and spreads the load to the bumper beam.
- Removable top
- 2.5 seconds faster around VIR than C7 Z06

The ZR1 is essentially a Z06 it doesnít get anything too radical like an all-new engine. Just changes to existing LT4
They even have the same gear ratios and both can be had with either a seven-speed manual or eight-speed automatic.

Still, the engine has a new designation: LT5, like the C4 ZR-1 had. Dumb to compare this to the well designed N/A 4 CAM, 32 valve LT-5 of C4
Itís got a bigger supercharger than the Z06's LT4, and torque is rated at 680 lb-ft, but only about 30 ft/lb torque of LT4
Other differences: larger throttle body, different fuel injection system, strengthened crankshaft.
Aside from the rear wing, everything from the A-pillar back is Z06, in terms of the body.
Itís heavier than a Z06 too to the tune of about 140 pounds.
The suspension setups are the same, just with different tuning. No new parts here.
The ZR1's front wheels are half an inch wider, but both standard and optional tires are the same as the Z06
the ZR1 gets the Z06's optional brake rotors and calipers too, with new pads

More to come as released

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