Chevrolet's proof of speed video for the Corvette ZR1

The Corvette just tested at the Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) in Papenburg, Germany's high speed oval track which is 7.8 miles long
The Corvette ZR1 was run on the high-speed oval in both directions so that the speed would be recorded both with the wind anf against it
The average of those 2 runs became the Corvette ZR1ís official Top Track Speed

This ZR1 has the base low height rear wing for less drag and was tested with the 8-speed automatic transmission.
The driver getís the go ahead and the car shifts from 8th to 4th gear and then quickly climbs to 6th gear.

Within 20 seconds, the car is heading past 190 mph on its way to a 214.88 mph top speed with the wind.

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