This bulletin applies to 2009-2012 Corvette ZR1 and 2011-2012 Corvette Z06 with Z07 models, all equipped with the ceramic brake package (RPO J57).

Corvettes equipped with ceramic rotors utilize an electronic sensor to indicate the need for brake pad replacement.

The end of brake pad service life is communicated to the driver on the driver information center (DIC) with the message ďCHANGE BRAKE PADS.Ē
This sensor must be transferred to the replacement pads at the time of brake service.

When transferring the brake pad wear sensor, proper orientation of the sensor must be observed.
Improper installation of the sensor will result in no indication to the driver when the pads are worn.
Continued operation with worn out pads may result in scoring of the ceramic rotors.

A. Image

1) Electronic brake pad wear sensor;
2) Brake pad friction material;
3) Brake pad backing plate;
4) Steel anti-rattle plate.

This shows the orientation of the electronic brake pad wear sensor.
The sensor must be installed to the brake pad with the thicker side of the sensor aligned with the brake pad friction material.

B. Image

1) Pad wear sensor;
2) pad backing plate;
3) pad friction material;
4) Electronic brake pad wear sensor wiring harness.

Note that the sensor wire is looped firmly over the caliper and is positioned well away from rotating parts.

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