Supersession Statement

This PI was superseded to update Model Years.
Please discard PIP5130J.The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.
Condition / Concern Crank no start with DTC P0011 and / or P00C6 stored current or in history.

The engine may sound like it is cranking fast and actual fuel rail pressure may be low.
A compression test may show lower than expected readings and exhaust flow from the tailpipe may be noticeably lower while cranking as compared to a known good vehicle.

The fuel rail pressure sensor may show 300 - 400 PSI and will slowly drop down into the 50PSI range while cranking.The Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid Valve may be sticking or binding causing the valve timing to be retarded.

Recommendations / Instructions

1. Use the GDS to actuate the cam phaser solenoid 4 or 5 times then try starting the vehicle.GDS steps
1.1 Engine control module
1.2 Control function
1.3 Camshaft position actuator system
1.4 Intake camshaft position actuator solenoid valve
1.5 Cycle the solenoid 4 or 5 times then try to start the engine

If the engine does not start go to the next step2. Begin by disabling ignition.
Remove KR75 Engine Controls Ignition Relay located in the Under Hood Fuse Block in position 70 according to the fuse block lid map.
Also disable fuel by removing the Fuel Pump relay in position 59 according to the fuse block lid map.Unplug the camshaft actuator to perform the following.

Install a 20A fused jumper wire between the terminal 2 and 12V.Tickle/tap the low reference terminal 1 to ground (by using the correct test terminal from the Kit. (J-35616-65B)) on the cam actuator magnet, while cranking the engine over.
Then try to start the engine. This may have to be performed more than once.

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