GM new vehicle limited warranties may be partially or fully voided for a number of reasons.
To verify warranty coverage, Investigate Vehicle History (IVH) must be used in order to identify any potential warranty blocks.
A Warranty Block may be applied if a title has been branded as salvage, junk, etc.

Per the policy established by GM, the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC) will only provide support on Warranty Blocked vehicles for the following issues:

• Safety, non-compliance and emissions recalls
• Special coverage adjustment programs
• Emission control systems warranty

A Warranty Block may be applied if GM has determined that vehicle modification, damage or abuse has occurred that may impact all or select vehicle components or systems.

Non-GM Calibrations

Vehicle modifications that may initiate a Warranty Block include non-GM (aftermarket) calibrations.
If aftermarket calibrations are suspected, Service Agents should refer to the procedures outlined in Bulletin #09-06-04-026 to verify the presence of non-GM calibrations in the vehicle.

Using a Tech 2 or GDS 2, if any of the calibration ID part number and verification number (Number/CVN) do not match the calibration ID part number and verification number (Number/CVN) listed in the TIS2Web GM Vehicle Calibration Information screen (Fig. 7), non-GM calibrations may be present.
Service Agents should follow the outlined procedure and send in their findings to the calibration group, who will document the information and review it with the appropriate Brand Quality Manager to determine whether the warranty will be blocked.

Vehicle Modifications

Conditions resulting from intentional modification to a vehicle or vehicle components are not covered under the GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty. With proper documentation, a warranty block may be implemented, depending on the modifications to the vehicle.

Bulletin #09-00-89-016 covers the policies and procedures to follow when modifications have been made to a vehicle’s electrical, chassis/body or propulsion system.
For more information on Warranty Blocks, Branded Titles, and Vehicle Modification, Damage or Abuse, refer to the GM Service Policies & Procedures Manual – 1.5 – Warranty Blocks.

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