Whenever the driveshaft support (torque tube) is removed from a 2014-2019 Chevy Corvette for any reason, special care must be taken to make sure the propeller shaft splines are in alignment with the front hub bearing.
The drivetube support tube must be aligned with the engine bell housing before attempting to tighten any attachment bolts.

The propeller input shaft front bearing positioning system is designed to withstand an insertion force not greater than 130 pounds of force.

Using the fastening bolts as an installation method may create force above this amount, causing damage to the crankshaft thrust bearing.
When reinstalling the support tube, the angle may be slightly off horizontally or vertically, which can make alignment difficult.

Do not use the bell housing attachment bolts to draw the torque tube tight against the bell housing.

Any small amount of misalignment may cause the shaft input splines to catch on the crankshaft, driving the crankshaft forward, quickly damaging the crank thrust bearing.

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