An owner of a C7 2014-15 Corvette may experience stalling, shudder and/or hard shifting into first gear or reverse (manual transmission) or stalling after a driveline replacement.

If equipped with an automatic transmission, a vibration on take off or a clunk noise may be observed.

This may be an indication that the crankshaft main thrust bearing and/or crankshaft needs to be replaced.

The cause could be excessive crankshaft end play due to a worn/damaged thrust bearing (the thrust bearing is the number 3 main bearing location).

Check to see if the crankshaft end play is within specification (0.0015 – 0.0086 inches).

If end play is beyond specification, remove the engine, disassemble and inspect the crankshaft thrust bearing location and the thrust bearing.
Inspect the thrust bearing for wear on one side and the bearing’s thrust mating surface on the crankshaft.

If wear is evident (if the three vertical oil channels on the thrust surface of the bearing are worn off), replace all rod and main bearings.
If damage is evident on the crankshaft’s thrust bearing journal and fillet, also replace the crankshaft.

This application features the LT1 or LT4 engine

The thrust bearing is located at the middle (#3) main bearing position. In this photo, the thrust bearing is seen at the left, center (third from top).

The #3 main bearing upper half, which is installed to the block, features the thrust faces. Inspect the thrust faces for wear.

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