This video is from the Big Bend Open Road Race out of Fort Stockton Tx.
Weather was real hot in 90 F deg and worse in all the Nomex gear, windows up and no A/C

This was recorded by a course worker checkpoint

Speeds 160 MPH Plus

This is the Silver State Classic ORR out of state of Nevada
Road is 80 miles long and run speeds of 160 to over 200 MPH

This is the Pony Express 100 ORR put on by 2 time Indy 500 Winner Rodger Ward out of Battle Mountain Nevada

Hot weather, but had plenty of straight road areas in the 80-mile-long race on a public road shut down to the general public
Sports Channel ESPN used to show our races live

I either would race my 1994 ZR-1 Corvette or my Snakeskinner ZR-1

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