Bob just did this video with some viewpoints as what he sees with his 2020 C8

Thanks to Bob, for mentioning us as for GM Performance Tuning :

This is a C8 Corvette collection of such things as:
What does F.O.B. mean, can I open the windows with the FOB, is there a hidden dash cam in the car?
Can we tune the C8?, Lousy wheel weights, and More.

My friend JR formerly worked for GM, and he's been tuning Corvettes for a long time.
He can tune most GM vehicles that have a gas engine and auto transmissions from 1985 to about 2018 model years,
as GM started locking the PCM about when the 2019 C7 ZR1 came out
That includes tuning the older mid 1980s to mid 1990s that use an E-prom, so he can tune C4s, Camaros, Pickups, SUVs even a 93 Caddy.

Any custom tune he could do would be burned into an E-prom and plugs into the ECM
Around 1994, C4 base models started using flash memory in a PCM, so that is when GM stopped using an E-prom, and tunes can be done via emails

He started doing custom tunes back in 1995 as needed to tune his 1994 ZR-1 for Open Road Racing

Check him out at his webpage below:

JR - Team ZR-1 Corvette Racers LLC
We Built This Since 1995

Custom Performance Tuning

Bob B

Team ZR-1
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