C8 owner reports on the issues with his almost 2-year-old C8 Z51 :

Thought I would share my experience with my Z51 car on the track, as it has seen over 50 track days.
Itís VIN 2241 delivered March 2020.
I do occasionally street drive it, but lately most of its use has been on the track. Currently, has 12k miles.

I do follow all GM track guidelines including replacing the tranny fluid at 25 hours, which costs 1000k each time.
Just did, itís second exchange this year. Oil use on track has been about 1 quart every 400 miles as of late.
Due to Covid I didnít start tracking it until June 2020.
My usual tracks are Summit Point and VIR, although it has also seen action at Watkins Glen and Pitt Race.

Modifications include Forgeline wheels 18/19, AP racing brakes in front, and Girodisc rotors in rear with stock calipers. SRF brake fluid. Iíve been using Ferodo pads in front and Raybestos and Carbotech 12 in rear. Cup 2 tires 245/305.
Usually get 6 days from front pads. Rear Carbotech pads last 3-4 days but Raybestos lasts 3 times longer.

On the 12th track day, the engine blew at VIR when I went wot.
It was a sudden catastrophic event with a hole in the engine block and parts all over.
I have a sheared wrist pin. Never found the cause, or at least they never told me.
I donít believe this engine was subject to the spring issue.
Engine was replaced under warranty in 2 weeks.

Earlier this year, I got a check engine light at Watkins.
The email I got said it was an emissions issue, but the car seemed OK.
The dealer confirmed a bad right catalytic converter and after a short delay for parts was replaced under warranty.
While waiting for the part, I did track the car at 2 events with the dealer's blessing.
Had major intermittent power issues, probably due to plugging uf the cat.
I can say that It is truly horrible to have Corvette power for a few laps and then Poof you're a Miata.

This August, the car overheated at the track.
Oil temp was 271, and I got a tranny overheat issue when I briefly pitted.
The temp that day was 102. I had the dealer check out the cooling system.
The only issue they found was tire rubber in the radiators, which they thought might have been a contributing factor.

At my most recent track event I was black flagged for smoke from the exhaust and white material was coming out the pipes.
There were no lights and the car seemed OK.
The dealer could not determine the cause, and GM tech was no help.

The origin of the material could not be determined.
Picked the car up and next day the check engine light came on.
Codes showed cat issues and muffler valve issue.
They said both cats are bad, and it needs a new muffler.
They believe the cats are throwing debris which affected the muffler. They say this shouldnít happen, but it did.

Despite these issues I love the car. Itís easy to drive fast and very confidence inspiring.
I also have a 2018 Boxster GTS, but the C8 is a more capable track car. Bottom line is that the car is track capable and performs well.
I donít understand the recent exhaust issues, but everything has been covered under warranty and my dealership has been great to work with.


I suspect the C8 owner was getting lots of wrong input from the dealer.
Also bet when the LT2 blew to pieces that lots of crap got blown into the exhaust and even GM says on such failures to replace exhaust parts as need be
and that was the further cause of problems after the engine was replaced

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