Some 2007-2013 Chevy Corvette vehicles may have a condition where a fuel odor is detected,
fuel droplets appear below the left-hand fuel tank, with the fuel gauge level above halfway, or a maintenance light is on due to a leak path in the left-hand fuel pump module flange.

Verify that the fuel level is 3/8 or below before performing an EVAP test. If the fuel level is above 3/8, drain fuel out of the tank until the level is 3/8 or below.

Inspect for an evaporative emission leak at the top of the left side fuel tank by performing an EVAP test using the J41413-200 evaporative emission's system tester.

If a leak is detected, remove the fuel tank Ė left side. Inspect the area below the electrical connector for evidence of fuel leakage.
If leakage is found, replace the fuel tank fuel pump module.

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