Some 2007-2013 Chevy Corvette vehicles may have a condition where a fuel odor is detected,
fuel droplets appear below the left-hand fuel tank, with the fuel gauge level above halfway, or a maintenance light is on due to a leak path in the left-hand fuel pump module flange.

Verify that the fuel level is 3/8 or below before performing an EVAP test. If the fuel level is above 3/8, drain fuel out of the tank until the level is 3/8 or below.

Inspect for an evaporative emission leak at the top of the left side fuel tank by performing an EVAP test using the J41413-200 evaporative emission's system tester.

If a leak is detected, remove the fuel tank left side. Inspect the area below the electrical connector for evidence of fuel leakage.
If leakage is found, replace the fuel tank fuel pump module.

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