The driverís outside rearview mirror on some 2020-2022 Corvettes may have poor operation and appearance,
including numerous lines shown in the mirror and a dim reflection at all times. (Fig. 14)

The poor appearance may be caused by the installation of an aftermarket radar detector in the vehicle.
Depending on the installation location, the aftermarket electrical device may cause higher voltage to the mirror.

If the damaged mirror appearance is shown, check for the installation of a jumper harness to power the radar detector added to the mirrorís X1 connector.
The connector is located behind the front cover of the inside rearview mirror. (Fig. 15)

Disconnecting the jumper harness, and replacing the damaged outside rearview mirror due to the jumper harness, must be authorized by the customer.
Vehicle damage resulting from aftermarket devices is not covered under warranty.

For additional information, refer to Bulletin #21-NA-251.

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