A new torque specification has been released for ACDelco spin-on oil filters installed on 2000-2022 GM models equipped with a gasoline engine.

The new specification is in response to possible oil leaks coming from underneath the front of the vehicle after a prior oil change service was performed.
In some cases, the oil leak may take several thousand miles to occur.

If an oil leak is seen, it may be coming from between the oil filter gasket and the mounting surface. (Fig. 15)
The filter also may be very easy to remove, or may be able to be removed by hand.

The revised installation specification for all spin-on oil filters PF64, PF63, PF48, PF66, UPF64R, UPF63R, UPF48R and UPF66R is:

Lubricate the new oil filter gasket with clean engine oil.
Install the oil filter one (1) full turn after the gasket makes contact with the sealing surface on the filter mounting flange.
If installing with a torque wrench, it should be approximately 10 Nm of torque.

The specification will be updated in Service Information and the label on the oil filters.

Refer to the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) to determine the proper part number for the replacement oil filter for the vehicle being serviced.

For additional information, refer to Bulletin #22-NA-009.

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