This owner gets the suspension voided from GM warranty for listening to cyberspace "supporting vendors" of forums making profits from allowing vendors to market their mods without telling buyers their products will void GM warranty

There have been zero failures of the front end lift option for 3 model years of the C8 and clear with this failure that the mod installed caused a failure beyond the lift system design

C8 Owner states

I have a 2021 C8 with Z51, mag ride, and front lift.
10 months ago I got a lowering kit (Paragon) and had it professionally installed.

Everything worked perfectly, my lift engages in my driveway, so I probably used it 100 times since I installed the kit.
About 4 weeks ago I started to get warning messages to service the lift and also messages that the lift was inoperable.

I took it into my Chevy dealership and, after a long waiting period, I was told this morning that lowering the car voided the suspension warranty, and they would not do anything on the lift unless I restored the car back to its stock height.

I am wondering if anyone else is having any issues with the lift system, either with a stock height or a lowered car, and also does anyone have any other experiences with Chevy and warranty issues for lowered cars.

Cyberspace forum idiots were quick to offer their take on the situation, including one guy who suggested taking the car to another dealer for a second opinion and not tell them about the mod

Another says take the 3rd party mod off and then go to another dealer and not tell them that kit was ever on

I would suspect that the dealer contacted GM to see if failure would be covered by GM warranty and when they were told this mod was installed
GM voided the warranty and enters in a database who the C8 owner is and the VIN #

Thus, if going to another dealer with or having taken mod off it would, should up in that database and flag the C8 owner and Stingray for any repairs on GM's money
for suspension

This happens when these hot shot Corvette forums take a monthly fee from so-called supporting vendors and helps the vendor sell products and does not state clearly that the mod WILL cause GM warranty failure

C8 owner is a dumbass for doing this mod to a new C8 and for listening to clowns on those forums that tell others to do mods and not worry about loss of GM warranty on an expensive car like the C8 sex

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