Stealing C8s doesn’t seem to be hard to do for some thieves these days.

Just ask this Schaumburg, Illinois Infiniti dealership.

Of the seven cars stolen there in recent weeks, six of them have ultimately been recovered, though in much worse condition than they left the lot in.

“Our cars are stolen to commit other crimes [and] recovered at crime scenes,” explains Karianne Thomas of the Ziegler Auto Group.

Surveillance video at the Schaumburg Infiniti dealership captured two men in black masks dragging a safe full of keys across the showroom floor, allowing them to have the keys to any car they want to steal.
A Torch Red C8 Corvette convertible was recently heisted overnight using a device intended for locksmiths.

“We see the bad guys getting their hands on those, using them to start vehicles then re-key them with new key fobs,”
Thomas told ABC7 News out of nearby Chicago.
She says more than a dozen new or used cars have been stolen so far this year from Ziegler dealerships.

After the recent break-in at the Infiniti dealership, while the store was having to reprogram all the key fobs, they secured the lot with large vans.
“It’s an ongoing and nightly problem we’re trying to prevent,” Thomas said.

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