Some 2020-2022 Corvette Convertible models may have a power folding top that may not open. DTC B19E1 (Hard Top Stowed Signal) may be set.
If the folding top will not open, it may be due to the body-side frame access hole plug not being properly seated. (Fig. 9)
The plug, or rubber flap, is located in the engine compartment and may interfere with the B373 Folding Top Side Rail Roof Panel's Stowed Sensor.

The body-side frame access hole plug should be fully seated anytime the plug is removed, such as after an engine oil change.
The oil fill cap is located under the access hole plug. (Fig. 10)

To verify that the access hole plug is fully seated, open the folding top stowage compartment. (Fig. 11) Refer to Opening the Folding Top Stowage Compartment Lid Engine Access section within Folding Top and Folding Top Stowage Compartment Lid Operation in the appropriate Service Information.

Inform customers that the access hole plug should be secured and fully seated before driving the vehicle after the engine oil or engine coolant has been checked.

Folding Top Operation

The operation of the folding top is fully-automatic and consists of the engine tonneau, rear window, roof panels, the header, multiple sensors, and modules.
The top can be opened using the folding top switch or the button on the Remote Keyless Entry transmitter.
The control module latches and unlatches the folding top while electric motors open the tonneau cover, and then remove and stow the top.
The transmitter button will only operate the system when the vehicle is off and will only open the top, not close it.

Folding top operation begins with the vehicle lowering the rear window and opening the tonneau.
The rear window must be normalized and operational for the folding top to operate.
If the rear window fails to open, the tonneau will open, but the folding top roof panels will not open.

While the tonneau is opening, the folding top header is unlatching.
The header latch consists of one motor and two latches.
There are two sensors to detect if the header is latched or unlatched, as well as a sensor on each latching hook.

After the window is lowered and the tonneau is open, the two folding top roof panels will move to the stowed position.
Once the roof panels are locked in their stowed position, the tonneau will lower back into position and the rear window will remain lowered. (Fig. 12)
The rear window can be raised and lowered as normal using the rear window switch.

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