A tuner claims to have cracked the Global B GM designed to work within the C8s and other models
It is gearing up for the fear when cars designed for driverless that someone could hack into the vehicles,
take control of it and cause crashes and deaths which would be faulted to GM

Also, the fact vehicles like C8 have OTA, which is wireless ability for software updates to be done to correct or better
functions in the C8, so that would be another path for hackers to get into the cars network (Global 8 involved) and there had to be a way to
prevent that

Due to this lock down of the controllers and on-board network that also means there is no path for tuners to change the GM calibrations

Out of the blue a tuner makes a worldwide cyberspace claim, which I know the lack of quality of their tunes as I have had owners of Caddy & Camaros come to me as that tuner F'd up their cars with his tune and I had to redo his tunes
(I have been tuning since 1995) to clean the crap up, claims he cracked GM's Global B and was able to hack the engine's PCM

He claims he is world smart that no one else has done this but him and like a fricking dummy posts on his public website (will not be hard for GM legal to track his ass down) and attempts to BS people who know nothing about tuning his proof

I know as soon as I saw his claimed results via a dyno ( and we all know how easy it is to get the dyno pulls to lie what the results are)
as he claims with his small sample of only 4 total runs (minus 1 as C8 stock pull) that he claims was full of BS)
as he claims that no matter what tuning changes he did, the dyno results were the same as stock results were.

No, what that means is he either really did not make any PCM tune changes and why the results are the same or
Global B prevents his changes to override GMs stock calibration

You know he is full of crap when :

1. He states in his tune he zero'd out all the timing values for VVT and yet the results were the same as stock
2. He claims GM's tune so calibrated that the C8 stock puts out the maximum performance

I know for a fact as I had worked for GM that the end design for production vehicles goes by no more than an "80 percent rule"
meaning max output of performance is 80% or the ability of the vehicle's design
That means even with a stock vehicle that a custom tune of the PCM and TCM (engine and auto tranny) there is about a 30 HP
flywheel gain on average and a good gain of torque from low to mid engine RPMs/loads as GM wants less load on drivetrain

Thus, either he is too stupid to know this and made a BS claim, or he wanted to lie as the reason none of his hacked tune changes
produced zero gains over stock calibration
You notice he never states he even rode tested the C8 with his tune changes
He does not state if testing when GM does OTA is done, esp to the PCM what happens to his tune or would OTA cause PCM to
turn into a brick when his code does not match the GM calibration and the worst F up he only states he could tune the PCM

We all know that is half what is needed, as all the changes in the world cannot work corrected if you cannot hack into the TCM to
also make changes to the DCT, even if it is for torque increases from the PCM tune

Imagine what GM's thinking right now is, they spent millions on designing and testing Global B and some schmuck (where is he from Canada ?)
hacks the C8 with less than 3 years of production

Today I was pointed to this video where 1 guy has blown a fuse over what this tuner has done and posted to cyberspace as he kisses his own ass in his hacking claims. I bet GM legal will be all over his ass. frown

This at the least will have C8 owners thinking they now can change CAMS, add boost etc and expect tuning and after the fact find they are screwed with no tuning and a vehicle that cannot go have GM warranty claims and at worst GM points the car owner to EPA where the fines are $10,000 to the owner who has SMOG devices hacked and $100,000 fine to the shop who did the mods and tune and state where vehicles are located is labeled a "gross polluter" where the vehicle can no longer be sold or license plates renewed

Caution : strong language warning smile

Also read this from GM about 1 year ago

GM Stated

Here is this BS'er dyno results :

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