Very few know GM has been sneaking in one function via Onstar called "Smart Driver"
Most owners do not even know this was turned on without their being told so
One C8 owner just finds out after driving his C8 for 2 years that this Onstar function not only spying on your driving habits but also is reporting it to like credit agencies and vehicle insurance

Guy states :

I took delivery at the dealer and activated OnStar 2 years ago.
When I was looking at all the OnStar features, I signed up for "Smart Driver" on my phone.
I looked at the data once or twice since then and now can see
the Hard Brake Events, Acceleration Events, High Speed MPH Events etc. on my drives.

I just sent for my credit report info from LexisNexis and saw that GM had been reporting the same data to them that I was seeing.
Needless to say, I was not thrilled. My insurance company had inquired about that data a couple of times and luckily my rates haven't gone up, YET

I just wanted to let anyone know that has the feature "Smart Driver" on their OnStar account to realize the info can be going to your insurance company via your credit report.
This is all GM vehicles, and recall I reported a few months back starting with 2023 models GM forced a mandatory 3 years of Onstar contract, and they add that cost to your buying price, and you cannot opt out of it.

Those with that GM my car APP on their cellphone better go check and turn OFF "Smart Driver"

I have been ranting for years that Onstar ( out of China) is spying on all of you with Onstar even if you did not buy any GM Onstar services
But do not forget all other nameplates pull the same crap as Ford that has Microsoft and Google installed on those vehicles and also spying big time

Now that people are getting learned about Smart Driver

This C8 owner checked his and is crying as to his own C8 is snitching on him smile
Of course a 100 is an A+, you're a pansy ass that never hard launches or speeds

This guy getting only a grade of 50, and he only checked for the last week

For 7 days, the spies know he drove the C8 12 times

Hard braking - 18 times, etc
Hard launches - 65 times !
Almost 20% of time drove over 80 MPH :-(

Wonder what he and spies see for over 1 months time
People are finding they turn smart driver off, and later they find it is back on again

He's screwed smile

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