Not sure if you want to listen to the owner for 30 minutes how he picks up new 2023 C8 Z06 from a dealer
and it is making loud noise and smoke, but dealer says not to worry
So guy drives it for 50 miles and end up on the side of the freeway in the dark when the engine dies, and he is stuck there

Notice the racket and amount of smoke when this guy starts this Z06 puke

Is this leading up to issues with a FPC engine ?

Why when he starts engine up does it show only 8.5 MPG with only 52 miles driven
Was owner ball busting the engine ?

Also interesting is that gal who Y-tubes who I reported was in the middle of putting dual turbos on Z06 with less than 900 miles on it about 1 week ago
I notice out of the blue she had killed off all her cyberspace contact like Facebook, Twitter, website, etc

Wonder what happened when she drove that ZO6 with boost ?

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