It runs at 158° F deg thermostat and has several coolers

While the engine is designed to run around “mid-90s to 100° C” (as you’d expect), the thermostat is actually a bit cooler than most.
“It’s hard to get this engine hot, hot.” Gartner said, noting that the two radiators on the side pods are dedicated to the engine and the transmission oils.

“The bulk of the hot coolant comes out of the engine, goes forward, gets cooled by three radiators, and comes back to the water pump.
Most of that then goes to cool the engine.
The water pump pulls off fresh coolant to the two side radiators, which then step it down even colder.”

The driver-side heat exchanger is dedicated to the oil cooler, which circulates the coolant to the biggest engine oil cooler Chevy has ever installed.
It keeps the 5W-50 oil specifically selected because it provides ample lubrication and allowed engineers to optimize bearing widths very cool.

The passenger-side heat exchanger does the same, but cools the transmission. “This is rock solid from a thermal perspective,” Gartner promised.

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