General Motors Co. reported a 2022 year-over-year 2.5% sales increase despite supply struggles mixed with slowing demand toward the end of the year as interest rates continued to increase.

GM's U.S. dealers sold 2,274,088 new vehicles last year, up from the 2,218,228 sold in 2021. GM reclaimed its throne from Toyota Motor Corp. as the top-selling U.S. automaker after losing the title in 2021. The Japanese automaker reportedly sold 2.1 million vehicles last year, a 10% decrease from 2021's sales.

In the fourth quarter, GM's dealers sold 623,261 new vehicles, up 41% from fourth quarter 2021's sales of 440,745.

The Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac brands all saw sales increase year over year. Chevy was up 6%, Cadillac 14% and GMC 7%. Meanwhile, Buick's sales declined 42%.

GM and other automakers have been able to add some supply and increase fleet sales, which were up 101% in the fourth quarter and 44% for the year.

GM touted its strength in the pickup/SUV market with 1.1 million full-size pickups, midsize pickups and full-size SUVs sold in 2022.

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