You need to revolt ! mad
When are you going to tell the Eu, to get screwed ?

The C8 Z06 thatís being sold in North America produces 670 horsepower & 460 lb-ft of torque, or some 34 more horsepower and 21 more lb-ft of torque than the cars that will be sold in the European Union and United Kingdom.

The change in the Z06ís power output is attributed to the differing exhaust systems that are demanded to meet the differing emission regulations in the two regions.

The North American version, of course, features center-exit outlets, while the EU version has corner-exit outlets similar to the Stingrayís to allow room for the use of a gasoline particulate filter or GPF.
These filters are able to capture more than 90 percent of the increased particulate matter created by the direct fuel injection of the Z06ís powerful flat-plane crank internal-combustion V8 engine, as required by EU rules.

The C8 Z06 will cost at least $211,500 in Europe, more than double the price of the 2LT Stingray Coupe that goes for $105,360.

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